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Fly down the Mendocino coastline with me!! I made a video from the backseat of Macs LongEZ heading from Santa Rosa to Little River Airport ~ Fort 

Bragg & Mendocino's closest airport. (yes that is my luggage on me)


Places in Fort Bragg I like:

So...there are a lot more places in Fort Bragg that I like (however I am pretty picky)...I'm just going in a slow place. Keep checking back and I'll try to give you more interesting shops or places to research while visiting.

Fort Bragg Outlet

1031 S Main Street

(707) 962-9307

Hours 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

I love this place! By the Noyo Bridge on the ocean side. Clothes, appliances, groceries, furniture.... Last year I bought the best light weight hard suitcases for a long trip. Even though the price is extremely affordable the quality is top. Bulk items at low costs and constantly replenished.

The Leonard Moore Cooperative: Medical Cannabis Resource Center is located downtown Mendocino

44970 Ukiah Street, Mendocino CA 95460 707-937-4562

This is a non-for-profit corporation and member based resource center which caters to those over 21 years of age, with medical proof to purchase cannabis sales facility. A quaint building with a clean and spacious waiting and purchase area allows for a relaxed atmosphere if you need advising on the different products sold. Credit cards and cash are accepted.

Surplus, Etc. 18603 North Hwy 1, Fort Bragg, CA 707-964-6467 (next to the round-a-bout between Fort Bragg & Mendocino).

I love this store!! Its a variety that will supply a need and gift for anyone. I think the greatest asset that I found is the lowest cost of smoking pipes and accessories in Fort Bragg. The camping gear and supplies that are offered are priced extremely well and the clothes that match the outdoor fun, comfort, and warmth are also priced low.

I would definitely make sure you go and check this local spot out for a unique gift and a pipe that will suit your budget and make you happy. 

Bill Miller Construction: The workmen always showed up on time and telephoned ahead if they would be delayed (picking up materials). They were always polite, friendly, thoughtful, and courteous. What we really appreciated was they always cleaned up afterwards without being asked.

I also have to note the men worked very hard never taking a break or dillydallying. They went out of their way to shop around for the cheapest parts to save me money. The quality of their work was excellent. Moreover they were always safety minded. 

Mr. Klean Carpet Cleaning: a few weeks ago we talked about getting our carpets cleaned so I decided to call around. Mr. Klean was the third business I called but this time it was different; someone answered the phone. So polite and she let me ramble on with what I was possibly looking for, but not sure, so I ended up asking what the cheapest price was to physically come out to the house? I was told $100 and that worked for me so I booked the next week. They did a incredible job for $155. They started at about 2:30pm with the living room moving our big chair and sofa for us, then the bedroom along with a runner. I was so surprised to see the huge truck that arrived, I didn't even know there was one that big in Fort Bragg. They brought in their equipment with water hoses attached and when they were done by 4:00pm the carpet was damp but not soaking wet. We kept the doors and windows open till about 7pm and by morning it was all dry. We had a few spots that are in our favorite walking space so they had their work cut out for them. Again, very pleased after a few weeks and the spots are not returning. We learned our lesson by doing it ourselves and it wasn't good; I recommend calling Mr. Klean if you want it simple and done right. ~ Lesley ~

This is customer service at its best and should be duplicated by most businesses: A thank you card!!!

p.s. after I booked them Mac told me this is the same company he used 20 years when he had a flood in the house and they were great. Still impressed. Thanks Debbie for being sweet and professional. ~ Mac & Lesley ~

The Bamboo Garden Spa has a great relaxing environment and is located south of Fort Bragg. Check out their website: Bamboo Garden Spa.

Visit their facebook!


(707) 962-9396


18300 Old Coast Hwy

Fort Bragg, CA 95437


Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 8pm

Sacred Woods - Home, Garden & Gifts - Located at the bottom of the Noyo Harbor -

This is my new favorite place to wander and find great soul touching gifts; at a great price. You have to go inside the gift shop which is located in the back and see all the hand crafted gifts they have. From small mini wood sculptures to beautiful garments and jewelry the prices are surprisingly reasonable and unexpected for the quality. The garden area is amazing with so many different options for uniquely enhancing the tranquility of your outdoor space, plus ideas will bounce all over the place as you walk around. 32281 North Harbor Drive Fort Bragg, CA 95437 707.964.3507

Open Everyday 10am - 5pm Winter Hours: 10am - 5pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

Park IN FRONT of the gate (not the entrance) and then walk inside to enjoy.

The front entrance is to the left where the beautiful, incredibly priced garment is hung.

Once inside the front gate you will see the Mendocino Maritime Services to the left.

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