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322 Main Street

Fort Bragg, CA 95437



Open: Tuesday - Sunday

Lunch: Dine In or Take Out: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Dinner from 5:00 - 9:00 PM - Call for Reservations

A beautiful owner and incredible Chef you will be transported into her small and quaint world of food and happiness. A must eat at in Fort Bragg whether you live here or are on vacation. The dishes are great for sharing and don't be surprised if you start with one dish then add another as you go....



Tom Kha Gai

Coconut milk soup with Chicken breast in a lemongrass-galangal broth

Crispy Spring Rolls

Prawns, fresh herbs, organic greens with a trio spice

peanut sauce; mint, sesame, and toasted peanuts

Chinese Chicken Salad


Nit's House Specialties of the Night

Fresh catch of the night


Green Beef Curry ~ 10

Beef served with sauteed vegetables and rice

Red Chicken Curry ~ 10

Chicken in a mildly spiced coconut milk curry served with sauteed vegetables and rice

Pad Thai ~ 16

Rice noodles with prawns, pancetta, organic tofu,

organic eggs and vegetables tossed in a Pad Thai sauce, topped with peanuts.


House Wine - Red and White


Scrimshaw and House Choice


Regular and Diet

We use local organic products when available. If you have food allergies please let your server know ahead of time.

Our Review

NITS ~ Oh my goodness!! Mac and I along with a friend went for lunch at Nits. She makes everything herself and it was just as good as I remembered. We ordered the Pad Thai with Tofu instead of chicken and then we had the Chicken with Red Curry (just another word for sauce - doesn't taste like Indian curry) and still had food for dinner. When you get the Pad Thai make sure that after the first helping that you stir it up again from the bottom because the oil/sauce settles and swirling your portion of the noodles around in it makes seconds extra special. The veggies with the rice and chicken are sauteed to perfection and cut in beautiful decorative shapes. It is like having a picture on your place you can actually eat. The thing I really like about Nits is the quaintness of her restaurant. The sign says 26 seating capacity so your service is personable and it feels welcome. Nit is open between 11-2 for lunch so order to go or sit inside and watch the people on Main Street. Dinner 5-9 pm. We forgot again to take a picture before we started dishing the chicken dish isn't as pretty as it was served, however the noodles were just delivered. Make sure to pinch off some herb & mix with the noodles because it completely changes the flavor...for the better. For the 3 of us, with soda & left overs it came to $29 before tip. Average $10 per person for 2 dishes plus enough for dinner is great.

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