Fort Bragg Restaurants

Please enjoy!

Off the Hook
118 E Redwood Ave
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Sushi bar with a large dining area. Try the Magic Mushroom!! Its my favorite.
Chicken Teriyaki     $6.95
Chicken Sauté     $6.95
Beef Sauté     $7.95
Shrimp Sauté     $8.95
Tofu Sauté     $6.95
Vegetable Sauté     $6.95
Chicken and tofu Sauté     $7.95
Shrimp and Tofu Sauté     $9.95
Tempura     $6.95
Vegetable Tempura     $6.95
Donkatsu     $6.95
Chicken Katsu     $6.95
Chicken Donburi     $6.95
Baby Tako (baby octopus  with house sauce)     $5.96
Beef Asparagus (asparagus wrapped in sukiyaki beef)     $7.95
Combo plate (fried shrimp, oyster and calamari)     $10.95
Edamame (lightly salted boiled green soy beans)     $3.95
Fried Calamari (deep-fried breaded shrimp)     $6.95
Fried Shrimp (deep fried breaded shrimp)     $7.50
Green Mussel (baked green mussel with house sauce)     $5.95
Hamachi Kama (grilled neck bone of yellow tail tuna(     $7.95
Hiyayako (fresh tofu with ginger sauce)     $6.95
Ika-Sukatayaki (grilled whole squid with house sauce)     $7.95
Jalapeno Popper (deep fried stuffed creamy jalapeño)     $5.95
Kaki fry (deep fried breaded oysters)     $6.95
Kyurimomi (pickled cucumber)     $4.25
Magic Mushroom (stuffed deep fried creamy mushroom)     $5.95
Pork Goyza (pan fried pork pot stickers)     $5.95
Salmon Thing (crab wrapped around with baked salmon)     $6.95
Shrimp tempura (4 pieces)     $7.50
Tako or Ebi Sunomono (sliced octopus or shrimps over Kyurimomi)     $6.25
Tempura (deep fried prawns and vegetables)     $6.95
Vegetable Goyza (pan fried vegetable pot stickers)     $5.95
Vegetable Tempura (assortment of deep fried vegetables)     $6.95
Wakame (seaweed salad)     $3.25
Green Salad     $3.95
Brown Rice       $2.00
Rice                  $1.50
Angeil's Special (shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado, ebi, spicy Hamachi, tobiko)     $13.95
Alaska (salmon, avocado, green onion)     $6.95
Avocado roll     $5.25
Baja California Roll (crab, cucumber, avocado, jalapeno)     $5.95
Bubble roll (tobiko in & out)     $7.95
California-roll (crab, avocado, cucumber)     $5.25
Caterpillar roll (unagi, cucumber with avocado)     $10.95
Cherry-Blossom (spicy crab, scallop, tuna tobiko)     $10.95
Deep Fried Sweet Potato Roll (fried sweet potato, avocado, cucumber)     $5.95
Deep Fried spicy tuna roll (spicy tuna, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, green onion)     $8.95
Dragon-roll (shrimp tempura, cucumber, unagi, avocado, tobiko)     $11.95
Durango special (fried soft-shell crab, tobiko with special sauce)     $9.95
Ebi roll (cooked shrimp with avocado)     $5.95
Easy roll (avocado and cream cheese)     $5.95
Extreme roll (unagi, tobiko, unagi and more unagi)     $12.95
F.B. Special (salmon, crab, shrimp, avocado, tobiko)     $10.95
Garden special (cucumber, avocado, asparagus)     $5.25
Garden special II (deep fried asparagus, cucumber, pickled radish     $5.95
Golden California (deep fried CA roll with tobiko and house sauce)     $8.95
Hamachi roll (yellow tail tuna, avocado, tobiko)     $7.95
Kake-Sake-Make (fried oysters, avocado, fresh salmon, sliced lemon)     $10.95
Joshua special (fried shrimp, crab, tobiko with special sauce)     $9.85
Laredo special (fried shrimps, tobiko, special sauce)     $8.95
Lion King (baked salmon, crab, avocado, tobiko, cream cheese, special sauce)     $12.95
Michelle special (crab, cream cheese, avocado)     $6.95
Mikyong special (crab, asparagus cucumber, tobiko, unagi)     $11.95
Philadelphia (smoked salmon, cream cheese, tobiko, green onion)     $7.25
Philliphinyo (smoked salmon, cream cheese, tobiko, jalapeño, avocado)     $7.95
Rainbow (crab, cucumber, tuna, salmon, unagi, ebi, avocado)     $12.95
Reggae special (tuna, avocado, tobika, cream cheese)     $10.95
Rock&Roll (unagi, Hamachi, avocado, tobiko, green onion)     $8.95
Salmon Lover (smoked salmon, avocado, fresh salmon, fresh lemon)     $10.95
Salmon Skin-roll (smoked salmon skin, smoked salmon, green onion, avocado)     $7.95
Serra Special Roll (tuna, Hamachi, salmon, avocado, tobiko with house sauce)     $12.95
Spicy Hamachi roll (spicy yellow-tail tuna, avocado, tobiko, green onion)     $7.95
Spicy Tako (spicy chunked octopus, tobiko, avocado)     $6.95
Spicy Tuna (spicy tuna, avocado, tobiko, cucumber)     $6.95
Spikier roll (deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, tobiko, cucumber)     $9.95
Tempura roll (deep fried shrimp, avocado, cucumber)     $6.95
Tuna Lover (spicy tuna, cucumber with tuna and avocado around)     $11.95
Tuna Roll      $6.95
Walter's special  {deep fried chicken, cucumber, avocado)     $8.95
49'ers (California roll with tuna, chicken)     $11.95
Unaskyu roll     $7.95
MAID ROLL ***seaweed out side    
Tuna                   $6.95
Cucumber           $4.50
Yellow Radish     $4.50
Asparagus          $4.50

Sweet Shrimp       $6.95
Cooked shrimp     $3.95
Yellow Tail tuna     $4.50
Tuna             $3.95
Salmon         $3.95
Smoked Salmon     $4.25
Mackerel     $3.95
Scallop        $4.25
Red Surf Clams     $3.95
Hot lips (spicy tuna, green mussel, green onion, hot sauce)     $5.95
Sea urchin     seasonal
Salmon roe         $4.50
Flying fish roe     $3.95
Octopus              $4.25
Sweet egg           $3.50
Tofu wrap             $3.50
Fresh water eel    $4.25
Red snapper       $3.95
White squid         $3.95
Crab                   $3.95
Spicy tuna          $5.95
Spicy Tako         $5.95
Spicy Scallop     $5.96
Spicy Salmon     $5.95
Tuna     $10.95
Salmon     $10.95
Yellow Tail tuna     $13.95
Tako (octopus)     $10.95
Spicy Tuna      $11.95
Spicy Tako     $11.95
Saba     $10.95
Spicy Salmon     $11.95
Chicken teriyaki     $11.95
Beef Teriyaki     $12.95
Grill Beef short-rib (house marinated beef short-rib)     $14.95
Doe Gi Bui-Go-Gi (spicy house marinated pork)     $14.95
Sabe Shioyald (grilled mackerel)     $13.95
SAUTE PANS  **you can choose spicy or no spicy**    
Stir Fry with Vegetables    
Beef Sauté     $12.95
Chicken Sauté     $12.95
Shrimp Sauté     $13.95
Tofu Sauté     $11.95
Vegetable Sauté     $11.95
Chicken & Tofu Sauce     $13.95
Beef & Tofu Sauté     $13.95
Shrimp & Tofu Sauté     $14.95
Spicy Sea-Food Combo Sauté     $15.95
Chicken teriyaki & tempura combo     $14.95
Salmon teriyaki & tempura combo     $17.95
Beef teriyaki & tempura combo     $15.95
Chicken Katsu & tempura combo     $14.95
Tonkatsu & tempura combo     $14.95
Mix tempura dinner     $13.95
Shrimp tempura dinner     $13.95
Tempura dinner     $12.95
DONBURI (rice bowl)    
Beef Donburi     $11.95
Chicken Donburi     $10.95
Shrimp Donburi     $12.95
Vegetable Donburi     $10.95
Unagi Donburi     $14.95
Chicken Katsu (chicken cutlet)     $12.95
Tonkatsu (pork cutlet)     $12.95
Kaki Fry dinner (light batter deep fried oysters)     $13.95
SOUP (noodle soup)    
Chicken Udan     $9.95
Shrimp Udan     $11.95
Beef Udan     $10.95
Sea-fried Udan     $13.95
Vegetable Udan     $8.95
Japanese style ramen     $10.95
Spicy ramen     $9.95
Spicy Sea-Food ramen     $13.95
Sushi moriwase     $23.95
Sashimi moriwase     $24.95
Stir fry Japanese noodles with vegetables    
Beef Yaki-Soba     $13.95
Chicken Yaki-Soba     $10.95