Fort Bragg Restaurants

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Silver's at the Wharf Restaurant &
 Full Bar32260 North Harbor Dr
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Open for Lunch:  11am to 4pm
Open for Dinner: 
4:30 to 8:30 pm  (Sunday-Thursday)
and 4:30 to 9 pm (Friday/Saturday

American Cuisine, Seafood, Steak, Hamburgers, Soups & Salads

Lunch Appetizers

Baked Brie with oven-roasted garlic, served with fresh fruit and crackers   $16

Bay Shrimp Cocktail    $16

Calamari, dusted with a mixture of flours, flash fried, with spicy honey-mustard sauce  $16

Steamers, in a white wine, shallots, garlic, crushed red pepper& basil broth
clams   $17      mussels   $15  combo  $17

Homemade Onion Rings   $8

Soup & Salad

New England Style Clam Chowder

bowl  $10    cup|$6

Bread Boulle  $12      Garlic bread Boulle   $13

Soup and Green Salad    $14

Shrimp Louis   $17    half  $14

Crab Louis   $39

(Whole only/fresh crab is unavailable)

Caesar Salad, chopped romaine tossed in Silver’s own garlic Caesar dressing, with capers,
anchovies and Parmesan cheese   $11    half   $8

add bay shrimp $8 or chicken breast    $7

Silver’s Coastal Salad, butter lettuce, oven-roasted red beets, cucumber, feta cheese, almonds,
and Silver’s lemon cumin dressing    $10

With Rock Cod filet    $19

Green Salad, iceberg and romaine lettuce, olives, cherry tomatoes, grated carrots, red cabbage, croutons

and a choice of Italian, ranch, thousand island or blue cheese dressing   $7

With fries and choice of smoked chipotle slaw (with cilantro) or Wharf coleslaw

Silverburger, natural ground chuck, with grilled onions and Chipotle mayonnaise   $15
Add cheese   $1.00

Patty Melt, served on rye  $14

French Dip, on a French roll  $15

Willy Bird Turkey Melt, with smoked turkey bacon, turkey breast, jack cheese, tomato, onion & lettuce in a soft roll   $16

Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato, on white   $9

Grilled Chicken Breast Melt, with jack cheese on a burger bun   $15

Wharf Traditional Club, Turkey breast, ham, bacon, cheddar and jack cheese,
lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise on choice of toasted white, wheat, sourdough bread   $16

Shrimp Roll, bay shrimp, tossed with mayonnaise, green onions, lemon juice and
spices, with melted jack cheese on a French roll   $16

Crispy Rock Cod Sandwich, lightly breaded, pan-seared, served in a soft roll with chipotle
tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato & onion   $16

Silver’s Habanero Salsa available for hot-spicy food lovers $2.00

Lunch Entrees

Seafood entrees served choice of rice or French fries, and steamed seasonal vegetables.


Seafood Platter, deep-fried prawns, scallops, oyster and catch of the day  |$27

    Oysters, lightly breaded in cracker meal and pan seared or deep-fried   |$19

     Jumbo Prawns, basted with Jose Cuervo chipotle sauce, and pan sautéed or deep fried   |$25


Fresh Pacific Rock Cod Filet   |$22


Petrale Sole   $26

both lightly breaded, served with a light prawn and lemon cream sauce or Cajun    


     Calamari Steak, rolled in panko crumbs, lemon pepper and pan sautéed, drizzled with

      garlic butter   $22


    Rock Cod Fish & Chips, with a choice of smoked chipotle slaw or Wharf coleslaw   $17


 Alaskan Halibut Fish & Chips, dipped in traditional tempura batter,

your choice of smoked chipotle slaw (with cilantro & green onion) or Wharf coleslaw     $21


 Chicken Wrap10-inch flour tortilla filled with chicken strips, bacon, Romaine lettuce,

  onions, tomatoes, guacamole, Ranch dressing and cheese; served with fries   $15


Pastas and Cioppino

Not served with rice or fries

   Linguini Alfredo,

topped with vegetabales and asiago cheese $14

add bay shrimp $8 or chicken breast  $7   


   Garlic Clam Linguini, the classic, with garlic, basil, parsley, butter, white wine,

Asiago cheese,  sourdough garlic toast   $20  


Pasta Primavera, linguini with fresh vegetables, tomato-basil marinara,

Asiago Cheese  $14


Silver’s Cioppinotiger prawns, clams, rock cod, mussels & bay shrimp braised in tomato broth, habanero-basil garlic coulis,

Asiago cheese & sourdough garlic toast   $31      w/pasta add   $3


Touch of Mexico

   Canul’s Mayan Burrito-the ultimate wet burritoa 12-inch flour tortilla filled

     with beans, rice, cheese, chile verde sauce, salsa fresca, guacamole and your choice of

      chicken, beef, or vegetables; topped with sour cream and served with rice and beans  $14


   Silver’s Mayan Chicken Enchiladas, filled with jack and cheddar cheese, onions, cilantro,

      and ancho chile red sauce, topped with sour cream and served with rice and beans

     (two per order)  $14


  Noyo Fish Tacos, fresh pan-seared Rock Cod,

presented open-face and topped with smoked  chipotle slaw, salsa fresca, sour cream and guacamole;

served with rice & black beans  $16


Quesadillasa grilled 12-inch tortilla filled with jack and cheddar cheese and your

    filling choice. Topped with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa fresca  $10

Add: beef, chicken  $16     Shrimp  $18     Vegetables  $14  

Vegetables & Mushrooms  $16


   Silver’s Macho Nachos, crispy corn tortillas layered with cheddar and jack cheese,

     beans, salsa, guacamole, black olives, sour cream and pickled jalapenos    $10   half $8

with chicken or beef add   $6


Tamales of the Day, served with sauce verde or roja, with a Yucatan Mayan salad of carrots, 

cucumber and cabbage (two per order)  $14


Old School Favorites

Served with steamed fresh vegetables and choice of mashed potatoes, brown rice or steak fries

Calamari Steak (abalone style) rolled in lemon pepper and Panko chips,

drizzled with garlic butter    $ 24/$20

Seafood Platter, lightly breaded deep fried prawns, scallops, an oyster and rock cod,

served with house-made tartar and cocktail sauce   $30

Starters, Salads and Lighter Fare

New England Clam Chowder or Soup du Jour

Bowl   $ 10       Cup   $6       

Bread Boulle   $ 12

Garlic Bread Boulle   $ 13

Baked Brie with Roasted Garlic, oven baked, served with fresh fruit & crackers  | $16

Calamari, lightly breaded in rice & pastry flour and flash fried, served with spicy honey-mustard sauce  | $16

Steamers, in white wine, garlic, crushed red pepper, basil broth

clams  | $17          mussels   |$15

Large Prawn Cocktail  $18              

Bay Shrimp Cocktail  $16

Bay Shrimp Louis  $18/14

Dungeness Crab Louis   $39

Silver’s Salad, organic baby greens, apples, pears, oranges, candied walnuts, grapes, with 

apple cider vinaigrette & topped with feta cheese  $11  smaller portion  $9

Caesar Salad, tossed in Silver’s garlic dressing with capers, anchovies, 

croutons and Parmesan cheese  Full/Half $11/8

With Bay shrimp $8  or chicken breast   $7

Coastal Salad, a local favorite, butter lettuce, oven-roasted red beets, cucumber,

Feta cheese, toasted almonds, lemon-cumin dressing   $10

With pan-seared or Cajun Rock Cod   $19

Green Salad, iceberg and romaine lettuce with grated carrots, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, black olives,

croutons,choice of Italian, ranch, Thousand Island or blue cheese dressing $7

Fish & Chips, fresh Rock Cod with chipotle slaw and parsley-garlic steak fries   $17

Fresh Fish Tacos, served open-face, pan-seared Rock Cod topped with salsa fresca, guacamole, chipotle slaw,

sour cream and cilantro.Served with rice and black beans   $16

Quesadillas, a grilled tortilla filled with cheddar and Monterey jack cheese and your filling choice.

Served with guacamole, sour cream, salsa fresca   $10

Vegetarian  | $14         Beef or Chicken   |$16       Shrimp  | $18

Silver’s Macho Nachos, crispy corn tortillas layered with cheddar and jack cheese, black beans, salsa,

guacamole, black olives, sour cream, pickled jalapenos |  $10

add choice of Beef $8, Chicken, add  | $6

Silver Burger, generous 8 oz. natural ground chuck on a sesame seed bun with Ortega chilies, grilled onions,

chipotle mayonnaise, & steak fries  | $15

Add cheese $1.00

Mariscos: Seafood

The items below (except Cioppino) served with:

Sweet corn, English peas, diced tomatoes & basil,

choice of roasted garlic mashed potatoes or brown rice

Silver’s Cioppino, tiger prawns, clams, rock cod, mussels & bay shrimp braised in tomato broth,

with habanero-basil garlic coulis, Asiago cheese & sourdough garlic toast   | $33     w/pasta add   |$3

Fresh Pan-seared Petrale Sole or Rock Cod , with a pineapple champagne cream sauce

Petrale Sole   | $29/$26              Rock Cod   | $26/$23

Fruitti di Mare Brochette, sautéed scallops, rock cod, tiger prawns, served with a pineapple-lemon champagne

cream sauce   | $30

Scampi Prawns, sautéed in garlic, shallots, lime and white wine  | $30 /$26

Carnes : Meat and Poultry

The items below served with:

A ragout of mushrooms, onions, & sautéed field greens, with

choice of pan-seared or creamy cheese polenta or roasted garlic mashed potatoes

Black Angus Rib Eye   | $33     or     Black Angus Filet Mignon   | $37,

served your choice of peppered or regular

California Lamb Shank, slowly braised in wine and herbs until fork-tender  | $33

Above meats served with a brandy-cabernet-beef demi-glace

Crispy Cornish Game Hen, partially boned, zinfandel-port reduction  | $25

Pastas and More

Garlic Clam Linguini, basil, Italian parsley, butter, white wine,

Asiago cheese & sourdough garlic toast   | $22

Roasted Garlic and Mushroom Linguini, with fire-roasted sweet peppers, onions and herbs, tossed in a

creamy blue cheese sauce & topped with freshly crumbled Feta and Blue cheeses   | $21

with chicken breast add  | $7         with four large prawns add  | $12

Linguini Alfredo, creamy alfredo sauce, fresh vegetables, Asiago cheese   | $17

with chicken breast add  | $7          with four large prawns add    | $12

Linguini Primavera, fresh vegetables, tomato-basil marinara, Asiago cheese   | $17

Fettuccini, tossed in Habanero-Basil pesto cream sauce, topped with freshly grated

Asiago cheese and Italian parsley   | $20

Grilled Eggplant & Portabella Mushrooms, layered sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, fresh herbs,

mozzarella cheese, served with grilled polenta, flash-fried zucchini wedges,

tomato reduction and basil coulis    |$22

Silver’s Habanero Salsa available for hot-spicy food lovers $1.00

A Gratuity of 18% will be added to parties of 8 or more