Fort Bragg Restaurants

Please enjoy!


Mac and I have had a great time doing our reviews over the years but unfortunately they have dwindled out completely due to Macs cancer progressing. We have gotten to know the owners, chefs, servers over the years who we now call friends.

We are both staying at home and enjoying life. I found a great quote recently: "In a dogs life a year is really more like seven. In our lives it is easy to gt it backwards and let our seven go by like one." Always enjoy the present moment and those you cherish and love. Our ten year anniversary is coming up and we plan to enjoy it! Thank you everyone for your support. Lesley

It is so hard for me to tell you I lost my lover and my best friend on April 26th just after our 10th  anniversary. He passed peacefully in my arms at home after a years of battling cancer.  Most of you know Mac from being the CHP Sergeant here in Fort Bragg and then his beloved lampwork creations he sold at his shop MacNeil Glassworks at The Depot.
I apologize for the delay but all of your prayers are needed.  Thank you for the love and support. Sincerely, Lesley

Los Gallitos:  After a long day of helping my Eagle Scout job search (yippy, now working at Silvers!) We stopped in and grabbed a bite at Los Gallitos which is his favorite place. I had one chicken flautas which as you can see is pretty bit. Its actually shredded chicken wrapped in a tortilla and deep fried. I was expecting the long one that is really light and fluffy but that is not what came. It was really good but is should actually be called a mini burrito. Also, for the price which included the massive amount of guacamole and toppings it was really worth the $5. 

Point Noyo Restaurant & Bar: (formerly The Cliff House) We invited our friends from out of town and had the best seat in the house overlooking the water. I wish I could be as complimentary about the dinner. It was ok but not worth the money spent. I had the NY Steak Skewers which were pretty tough, just warm and needed salt. The vegetables are tucked under the meat and put on also on a skewer which was an unexpected and unwanted surprise. The baked potato was really good but came with just butter and sour cream. Our friend had the Cioppino and said it was delicious and as you can see it is full of fish. Mac had the Filet with mashed potatoes and veg (skewer again). The steak was cooked perfect inside but despite the sear marks ok the outside there was not real sear or extra flavor except for the demi glaze. It's been our second meal here and the price does not reflect what you are going to get. 


Cafe Del Mar: These wings are so good!! They are coated in a sticky, tangy, sweet and spicy sauce and are cooked thru along with still being moist. The green sauce is a green Harrissa sauce that is spicy and drinkable. The pickled carrots reminded me of my favorite hang out in So Cal. I would pay $8 again for this dish. ~ Lesley ~


Django's Rough Bar & Cafe: Django's is open from 11:30-9pm Thursday - Sunday so my friend and I decided to see if there was any live music (on the deck) on a Friday night but...no music. We sat inside and ordered a Cesar salad and crab cakes which we split. The crab cakes are ok but the Cesar salad was awesome. The dressing is fresh and the garlic just right not overpowering. Plus it is topped with a slice of anchovie and buttery croutons. If you haven't been here its been remodeled with a small wooden bar inside with beers on tap and assorted wine. There are still about 6-7 tables overlooking the harbor. The deck has been upgraded `rough bar' into a huge area with outside tables for eating or having a drink.Check the evening schedule for bands especially now our warm weather is here. ~ Lesley ~


Noyo River Grill: This is in the Noyo Harbor tucked behind the tiny house park. Mac and I ordered a bowl of the Clam Chowder soup to split and it was awesome! The clams were fresh and the potatoes were cut in small pieces for easy spooning. No salt needed.

I ordered the calamari for my entree and Mac had the `Special' which was spaghetti and meatballs. The calamari was nicely spiced and had a mixture of rings and tentacles. The tarter sauce was really thick so if you don't care for it ask for something else. Jim the owner was very gracious about my recommendation so it might have changed.

Mac loved his spaghetti and meatballs with a meat sauce. He actually ate the whole dinner along with the warm, soft bread.

I would recommend heading here if you have out of town guests and want a great view of Noyo Harbor and a delicious lunch or dinner. The restaurant has been completely remodeled from the Sharon days with a huge deck, enclosed heated area on the deck, bar inside with seating and a flat screen TV. Its a great place to hang out with your friends. ~ Lesley ~


Ostrich Burger above

Cheese Burger below

Silvers At The Wharf:

Mac and I decided to treat ourselves and our favorite thing at Silver is the crab cocktail! I order mine with the cocktail sauce on the side along with a side of melted butter. We usually have the clam chowder or split some crab cakes and then the crab cocktail as the entrée.

Reason being is that the crab is $25 each but I have to say it’s worth it. We split a Cesar salad and I have to say it’s in my top 5 in Ft Bragg. The Restaurant and D’Jango are amazing! So I have to say that the crab is always fresh and incredible. We sit by the window overlooking the harbor (ask or they’ll cater to the waiter seating area) and just enjoy every bite. If you don’t ask they will put the cocktail sauce all over the top of the crab. About 7 years ago Mac introduced me to seafood and crab has become my favorite. I love it warm and with melted butter. Silver’s serves their crab cold and I like it just as much. What a treat. ~ Lesley ~


Mac and I had such a nice dinner. We went Saturday at around 7pm and it was busy but not overwhelmed. This is the new place in The Company Store next to Mendocino Cookies. Walk thru the fenced area to the host station at the restaurant doorway.  You can sit inside where the open bar is with tables and chairs,

large big screen TV, or sit in the open courtyard area and enjoy lunch, dinner and a beer.  I ordered the Philly Steak Sandwich and it was delicious. The meat is pot roast and cut into large size pieces so you get a good chunk of meat with each bite. The onions, peppers and cheese are just the right amount and do not overpower. The roll was brushed with butter and toasted with gave it a good little crisp bite on the inside when eating it. I could only finish half because I also ordered a salad. The ranch dressing was good and tasted homemade and the salad (was prettier before I destroyed it) is a fluffy lettuce with red onions, sliced red tomatoes and alot of lettuce. Mac ordered the cheese burger which came on a toasted ciabatta bun with lettuce, tomato and red onion on the side; you put together. There are condiments on the table and I requested a side of the Chipotle Aioli and we both used it on our sandwiches; really good! If I had fries I might actually replace my ranch dressing with that. ~ Lesley ~

Philly Steak with Pot Roast


Tsunami Nacho Truck: I've been hearing great reviews about the truck and now that it is at the hospital parking lot I found myself meeting a friend for lunch at the nearby picnic tables. I ordered the steak Taco's with salsa and guacamole. Teresa ordered the Vegetarian burrito topped with a sour cream sauce. I loved the taco's since they remind me of the street taco's I would get in So Cal. Seared thin slices then chopped into tiny pieces its easy to eat and each bite has the same amount of meat. Teresa's burrito was filled with sauteed veggies and even though I didn't taste her her comments were great. Being a vegetarian she said she would absolutely return and has. The quantity of food is well worth the price. However I will say one thing more. I was getting really sick & needed sugar...they do not offer soda, juice or fruit. He will sell you water but no other beverages. I said I needed sugar and I was told he does not sell sugar, ever.  ~ Lesley ~


ASIAN BUFFET e dropped in after my hair cut (love Beauty Bar) and had a early dinner. There were only 4 others there and getting that personal service and attention was great. We ordered three things: appetizer prawns, chicken pot stickers, and moo shu chicken. It was soooo good!!! The pot stickers were moist and huge. Mac was so impressed that the shrimp/prawns had the tails cut off before being battered and deep fried. As he explained it `those are the little things that shows the chef cares'. Honestly we could have just had the two appetizers and been perfect but we had to have the Chicken Moo Shu! The veggies were sauteed in a great stir fry sauce and the chicken was amazingly tender. Plus it was a good ratio with the veggies and meat. The pot stickers were stir fried and had a good little crunch on one side and the flavor was so good you don't know whether to dip it or just eat it plane. I love hot sauce so dunking it into the soy sauce mixture and then into the red sauce was the topper. Incredibly good!  ~ Lesley ~


I have found a new hang out that I really enjoy. Angelina's which is the former TW (TradeWinds) has upgraded their restaurant and lounge area. When you enter the restaurant to the left is the cocktail lounge (21 & older) with a bar, tall tables & chairs, and there is a pool table upstairs. Karaoke also happens but we're usually in bed by then.....

To the left is a picture of their $14 sampler platter which was more than enough for my girlfriend and I. She ended up taking the rest home to her grandkids. Taco Tuesday is the best!! Just look at those taco's! 

Taco Tuesday does not disappoint: $1.50 ground beef taco's! Plus look at the nacho's!! ~ Lesley ~ 1st week in April

These Nachos are made with grilled chicken breasts cut into chunks. These nachos have more ingredients then any place I know of in town.

ASIAN BUFFET - the one by the DMV on Franklin
I dropped in to get some noodles and chicken and it was sooooo good!! Loaded into one of those big Styrofoam containers you can tell by the weight its going to be good. After I got it home I popped open the lid and let the piping hot noodles, spices and chicken steam away...it didn't even make it onto a plate. We just kept hovering over it and taking turns until we were stuffed, you know the kind where you walk away and say `that's it' well guess again, it not. I spoke with the owners and they still have the dinner buffet but I would definitely recommend going there for the lunch specials they have. Its basically the same cost as what the buffet was but its made to order and really hot. Plus they have a big screen HDTV there which is nice if you're dining alone. ~ Lesley ~

OMG we took some home! I love the stir fry green beans which are not mushy and not crunch but sauteed perfectly next to the noodles and sauteed chicken. We requested the fried rice with our orange chicken and all came out piping hot. ~ Lesley ~

What I find most pleasant about eating here (besides the food) is that you don't leave smelling like grease. I just know that every time I do eat here I do not feel compelled to wash my hair.

Located on Franklin in the same place as the DMV. They only have their buffet at dinner now but I love the change because their lunch menu is simple, served to order and piping hot. The Garlic Fish pictured has to be my favorite entree to order. Mac and I both crave this sometimes. The fish is hand coated and then deep fried, once out of the fryer it is flash sauteed with the little bits of goodness that make it crispy and perfect. It is not drowned in oil and even if you take it to go it still keeps its lightly crispy exterior and the fish steams out when broken. I burned the roof of my mouth so be careful. From now on if I want fish & chips I'll get the fish here and order the fries from Relish around the corner. They also have a flat screen TV if your alone and just want to hang out, eat some good food & be entertained. To add, I saw the hours of prep work that goes into marinating the beef and pork and it is something you'd see on Diners & Drive Ins. ~ Lesley ~ 



It has taken me way to long to find this great little corner deli. Out of the deli case...or have it made for you...the sandwiches are amazing. The picture is of one of the many choices that they have. Vegetarian or meat choices, these are made with love. I say that because every bite has a equal portion of ingredients. Chicken, artichokes, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a pesto that is incredible. I could have had them heat it on the panini grill but I took it home instead and heated up my pan on the stove and gently grilled it to perfection. This was enough for both of us (for lunch) and the flavor was so different. Their options are really expansive for vegetarian and from what I tasted no meat is needed. I was really surprised on the upscale flavor that this little deli and grocery store has.   ~ Lesley ~

Yes! Pizza by the slice! Located on Redwood two blocks up from Main St this pizzeria has booth seating and a long counter where you can see the long time owners create your master piece. Today I decided to get a couple slices on my way home and they are huge! What a meal for under $5 between 11am and 4pm or until that last pizza is baked. Then make sure that you order your dinner to go or just take the family in and make it a night.
If your on Main St take Redwood away from the ocean, pass the next street which is Franklin and you will see Bernilllo's on the right hand side. It looks small from the street but once you walk inside you will see the booth seating on the left and the long creation counter and ovens to the right. Its perfect because you can watch the owners making the pizza right in front of you.
By the way, the pizza is great! I got one pepperoni and one mushroom which were the choices for the day. As you can see from the picture I took they are large and full of toppings. I paid $3.25 a slice which to me is the perfect meal for the price; yes parents this is great for a afternoon treat. So, when you have a pizza craving go get a slice...don't buy the whole pie! ~ Lesley



We love the homemade macaroni salad! No joke we probably have gone thru 6 of these each month for the last 3 months. It is made with black olives and I believe white onions. I honestly don't taste the onions so maybe it is powder. The ratio from mayo to pasta is perfect and the noodles are always the same consistency. I also bought beef hot dogs out of the case and we BBQ'd them. That was a such a weird and unexpected treat I decided to purchase. ~ Lesley ~

CAFE JAVVY: OMG!! The Crepes! 
I just love crepes but they're the only two restaurants in Ft. Bragg that make them, Cafe Jaavy and Eggheads restaurant.  When I received my crepes from Cafe Jaavy I was impressed by the large size of the whole meal and the beautiful presentation - it was delievered like a piece of artwork.  It was obvious the chef truly put extra effort into it's presentation.  That's just for openers, once I took a bite the flavor just exploded in my mouth.  The different ripe fruits complimented the sweet crepes.  Egghead's crepes come with fruit, but you're left wishing there was more to the meal.  Not Cafe Jaavy's - it's a full meal and you don't walk away hungry and for the approximately the same amount of money.  What an amazing treat, I just can't say enough.  Just impressive! When guest come for a visit I just love turning them onto these crepes.  They always appreciate this treat. ~ Mac ~
 I was working so I missed out on this breakfast. Macs Review: We were a party of four.  Our waiter immediately poured our water and a few minutes later he took our order. After a few minutes he arrived with four pieces of wheat bread so lightly toasted on only one side that we weren’t sure if it just wasn’t stale bread.

After about 10 minutes the waiter brought out two meals of eggs and potatoes cooked exactly as ordered, and obviously fresh eggs to boot.  However, my grandson had ordered a waffle with a fresh berries and sabayon.  When it arrived the waffle was rather small and covered with chopped up pieces of fruit.  One of the fresh fruits was cantaloupe, something my grandson (21 yrs old) is deathly allergic to.  We explained to the waiter that that was not what he ordered, nor was that what was on the menu.  He apologized and explained they had run out of the berries so they substituted it with a combination of fresh fruit. We told him they should have told us that when taking the order.  My grandson declined the breakfast, or anything else to take its place and went without.

Now while the two egg breakfasts were being eaten I waited about seven minutes before my leeks in Vinaigrette with poached eggs, ham and hollandaise sauce arrived.  By now my two egg eaters were almost done eating.  My hollandaise sauce was not creamy, but looked more like yellow grits, or polenta.  Being leery by its appearance I tasted it and it tasted okay.  My poached eggs were done to perfection, but sat on a piece of ham sliced so thin you could see through it.  In spite of its thinness it took a steak knife to cut off the dried boarder. The leeks were uneatable.

Other than that it was a good breakfast and the price was very reasonable.  I’ve eaten in this restaurant numerous times for dinner and was always impressed with the quality of food and service.  On a scale of 10 I’d have to give our breakfast a 3.

So I have to weigh in once I was told the whole story of what happened at breakfast. I was completely embarrassed that I suggested Mac take his daughter and family here once I heard how the breakfasts were not served at the same time, changes that could've killed, and the blatant disregard for the concerns that were brought to their attention. I give you, the reader, good reviews because I know that the owners are trying but this one could not be helped. Sorry Joe but the facts are the facts. I have complained about the rude male server who is continuously allowed to treat the customers with disrespect and still no change. I have not had a bad dinner as far as food goes but we will not be back till I hear something has changed and I feel like a valued customer.
CUCINA VERONA - What a great meal! Mac loves the ravioli so yes he had it again but this time with only one meatball. I tried something new which was the Cannelloni and I was so happy I did. I love baked dishes and this did not disappoint when I received it piping hot and bubbling with cheese. It is a very mild dish and the flavors really complement each other. I am not a big liver fan but when it is blended-in with the ground meat it makes a very soft and velvety texture wrapped in the thin crepes.  This is a very rich dish and after splitting a bowl of their special `cream of asparagus with fresh crab meat on top' I ended up taking over half of my cannelloni home. ~ Lesley ~ 

Ravioli con Marinara Sauce $17
Spinach pasta ravioli stuffed with ricotta and parmesan in a marinara sauce...dont forget to add the Meatball!

Cannelloni $15
Crêpes stuffed with ground beef, liver, cream, spinach egg, parmesan,
in marinara sauce and topped with fontina.



Teresa and I met for lunch at 12:30pm on a Thursday and were seated and our order taken immediately. The inside has changed with a small bar against the side wall with the seating remaining near the windows. The large area outside has been converted into another dining area and live music on the weekends. Teresa had the New England Clam chowder which she said was very delicious with lots of clams in it. I ordered the Cioppino Seafood Stew which was the special of the day. It came out steaming hot and full of shrimp, clams, white fish, lots of crab and all in a spicy tomato base; served with the side of garlic bread. It was more then enough for lunch with all of the meat in the dish.

BTW: Django's has the same chef who worked at Sharon's By The Sea (Sharon's...not Heron'....). Welcome back.

We also ordered the Grilled bruschetta with herb garlic Parmesan, topped with Dungeness crab. It was a nice compliment to the soup since it isn't over powering and heavy. The crab is broken up on top of the toasted bread and then parmesan cheese is sprinked over and then toasted again lightly. I will definately go back for the soup and more. 


Mac, Merlin and I arrived around 1pm and found our table in the corner being unused:) I have always had quick to the table service asking what we would like to drink which is a good start.

Mac ordered OJ, eggs over easy with hash browns and 2 links of sausage (his favorite sausage is still Denny's which is made specifically for them). So these are his second favorite. The potatoes are not fried to crisp and are moist in the middle.

Merlin ordered OJ, the cheese and mushroom omelet with fruit instead of potatoes. It came out steaming hot and he enjoyed every bite.

I had Pepsi, the French Dip with curly fries (you can get macaroni salad, coleslaw, potato salad, fries, curly fries, or fruit; green salad not offered). I love ranch dressing with my fries and she asked if I wanted it before I could say anything. Their homemade ranch dressing is the bomb! The one thing that was different this time when I ordered was that the bread was laid flat when prepared and then the onions, cheese and sliced meat was put on top then folded over. When the bread broke the onions & cheese blew out the side...not a bad thing but it kinda reminded me of Laurel Deli's sandwiches. The beef is sliced really thin with no gristle or fat. The fries were hot and a ton of them. I ended up taking half a sandwich home with the dip...they'll give you a lid. Had I thought of it, I would have taken the fries home and reheated them with cheese sauce and jalapenos for our midnight snack.

Our total order came to $41 without the tip.

~ Lesley ~


We really like Denny's and mostly because the food is always hot and made to order but also because the servers are the most polite and courteous staff in town. My favorite for dinner is the chicken fried steak; breakfast and dinner. The steak fries are ok but if I had thought of it I would have asked for mashed instead. The veggies are basic but I really order this for the gravy and crisp coating on the breaded thin chicken. It might look like there is not very much gravy but honestly it is a perfect richness that once you start to cut and eat there is just the right amount. I would suggest giving it a try and if half way thru its not enough then ask for more.

I honestly don't remember what Barry ordered which is the burger looking thing. He loved it and ate the whole thing.

Our other friend ordered the senior steak dinner which is pictured at the bottom and really like the way it was cooked; medium-well. The potatoes were not over seasoned or over cooked but tasted like they were just made. The veggie were ok and the garlic bread was nice and soft.  ~ Lesley ~


The best BBQ hamburger in town if you like it grilled on a outdoor BBQ. As you can see it comes loaded with all the trimmings. What I like is that its not over loaded with onions or lettuce; its just the right amount. We split the burger and side of salad (I prefer the potato salad) and a soda...in the bottle or can. What I enjoy is that you can taste the authenticity of burger and salads and know that it is not shipped in. All of the recipes are made from scratch and right on the premises. This is not the upscale place you would go for a dinner date but if you want a relaxing afternoon soda or beer and lunch while sitting on the deck over looking the marina this is it. Again, this is the only place in Fort Bragg that has a outdoor BBQ year round. Try their BBQ chicken sandwiches too! ~ Lesley ~


 What a treat! Four of us met for lunch at Davids and let me tell you it was packed! However I give them kudo's for such fast service and piping hot food that did not disappoint. I love Davids because the portions are large and the service is sweet. I had the chicken fried steak for lunch with the hash browns and gravy. The gravy is smooth, homemade and very tasty. The steak was breaded perfectly with not to much coating. The patty melt to the right was served with coleslaw and cooked to perfection. Barry really liked the bread and finished the whole meal. Danny wanted French toast with real maple syrup, which you can ask for at no additional charge, I believe this is the only place in town that offers it for free ($1.50 elsewhere). Macs meal I cannot find the picture but he had a breakfast of eggs, hash browns, sausage & toast. Loved it. I would really recommend Davids but just remember that it might get noisy from all the patrons. However even if you are hard of hearing it is worth the sacrifice. 

~ Lesley ~

Chicken fried steak above and our friend Danny ready to dive into his French Toast!
D'AURELIO & SON'S ~ We did not need reservations and were able to get a side booth with almost packed house. Mac ordered the Minestrone soup and a full order of Ravioli's which comes with a salad. I ate the salad:) and ordered a small cheese and olive pizza. The great part is that when I ordered I was asked if I wanted light, medium, or heavy sauce and cheese; options! When I got the salad I was so excited! It was great with their homemade salad dressing and it wasn't just lettuce and tomatoes. Mac liked the Ravioli's and the sauce was full of meat...if you want no meat you also have that choice. Mac also ordered one meatball which was very compact and delicious. The sauce and meat are very mild so if you want it a bit more spicy I would request it. The pizza was served in the tray on top of a stand which was nice since it gave more room on the table. The pie was wonderful and I ended up taking half home after eating the whole salad. I have to say one of the best part of the dinner was the homemade bread that they served. As you can see from the picture they bake it large and cut the slices large. It is more dense and reminds me of the bread Mom used to make when we were growing up; the type that are perfect for large sandwiches. This was a great fun night out! As you can see from the pictures I put on their menu page they also have wall mounted TV's and more. ~ Lesley ~

DOLPHIN ISLE MARINA DELI is located on the other side of Noyo Harbor with a huge outdoor seating area and inside seating. Mac and I went there for lunch around 2pm and it was fabulous!! I had no idea this little hot spot existed. Mac ordered his hamburger and I ordered the grilled chicken sandwich with macaroni salad. We went out onto the deck found a great picnic table and had a Pepsi out of the can while watching our meal be BBQ'd on the deck. It was great! The macaroni salad I would buy directly from them before purchasing anything from Safeway or Harvest. Weird thing it didn't have pickles in it so those of you who don't care for pickles this is your place. The chicken sandwich was on Shibata Bread and I ended up taking off the top so I would have room for the salad. It was tender and not over cooked...next time I think I'll ask for a hamburger bun or sourdough instead of what I got. However the bread was really soft but just too much for me. Mac loved his hamburger and it was huge! He's planning another trip with his buddy to check out the breakfast or another burger so I'm excited to hear how it is. We both surprisingly finished all of our food; it was that good. So, I would definitely recommend taking the beautiful little winding road to this out of the way place and enjoy yourself. I also heard that during the summers they have live music. I cannot believe that I did not know this was here! I'm slacking on my self imposed free job! ~ Lesley ~

They serve beer and wine so if you just want to hang out on the deck and have a cocktail and socialize this is a great spot.

The condiments are delivered in this great bucket.


Eggheads  I was not feeling well and did not go to the restaurant with Mac and his friend Merlin but I was able to taste the breakfast.  So here is our review from the dine in experience at the restaurant and from the take out that I received when Mac got home. 

 `We arrived at Eggheads about 12:30pm and decided that we (myself and Merlin) would have breakfast. I ordered the crab omelet and was not disappointed.  It was full of lump crab meat and cheese and I ate the whole thing.  The potatoes were cut in large bite size pieces and cooked tender.  I would definitely order this again'.  ♦Mac ♦

`So when Mac got home he surprised me with breakfast - to go.  I am not one for breakfast in the morning but for lunch or dinner it's great.  When I opened the container there was a huge omelet with potatoes and toast.  I didn't know what type of omelet it was so when I started eating it ~ it was great.  It was filled with diced veggies and cheeses.  The thing I liked the most was that the veggies were cut into little pieces so when you took a bite you had a little bit of everything in each fork. The potatoes were also really good for being take out...not the mushy garbage that is an accessory to a plate but it had little bits of crunchy snacks that you just keep nibbling at till your stomach hurts.  I really couldn't eat the whole thing but probably half.  Also I must say that listening to Mac talk about his crab omelet ~ I was jealous and can't wait to go back and actually eat there while it comes out steaming hot'. ~Lesley~



Theresa and went for lunch and had a great time. We ordered the special of the day...I can't remember the name of it but it was good. I think it was the Penang with basil; I asked for chicken. You can order it as hot as you would like and we like it spicy. Theresa ordered the Pad Thai with Tofu and I really liked it. GG cut the Tofu in small bit size pieces just like the chicken and the vegetables. There are a few things that I liked about the dishes; the noodles were not over cooked and veggies were not under cooked. The spices you can tell are made from scratch and the dishes prepared with fresh ingredients. FYI...make sure to remove the broccolettes before treating your puppies to some Thai food...we've learned our lesson. ~ Lesley ~


I finally got into GG's and was able to order Thai to go!  AMAZING!! Shrimp Penang and a order of 4 egg rolls. Ok, the egg rolls were much larger then what I expected and full of flavor. The stuffing was packed with ground pork and shrimp and the the veggies were cooked so that they didn't have that crunch making everything inside come out. These are like little hand held burritos that you want to keep upright. 

The shrimp Penang was delicious and again the veggies were cooked all the way thru and not rushed. Shrimp was sauteed and then incorporated with  the veggies and sauce so that that the unique flavors come thru. I did not get the rice but now I wish I had. I love her homemade Mexican rice so I bet the Jasmine is good too. I ordered to go and it was great but I totally recommend to eat there and enjoy it right out of the pan/wok. The eggrolls were a little soft from the moisture in the container but I kinda liked it. If you do take it to just keep the rolls out and eat them on your way home. I didn't even use any sauce (on anything) which is pretty amazing. We still have left over Penang and the total was $25.  I would definitely recommend going Thursday nights which is the only time she Thai.  ~  Lesley ~



I purchased ground beef on sale for $2.99 lb and what confused me was that there was no grade of fat %. I could care less because it was so good. We BBQ'd and when I made the patties I realized that I did not need to mix the meat. I haven't confirmed but we believe it was double ground. The texture was so great I used half of what I would have with Safeways beef and it did not shrink. I just smashed flat, seasoned the outside, grilled for 4 minutes on each side and it was juicy, moist, and amazing. I'm not the griller in the house so I checked google to make sure I timed it right...it didn't take me long to figure it out. This was some really good ground beef.  ~ Lesley ~


Once you come over the Noyo Bridge heading into town you'll see the Cafe on the right hand side. Make sure that you turn into the street right before it and then into their parking area but if you go past Safeway you've gone to far. Use the front entrance and not the side door.

Yummy cheese burger with all the trimming with a choice of white or wheat; the bun is so soft. Mac and I decided to split a lunch and ordered a cheese burger and dinner salad. Sorry but we were almost done when I remembered to take a picture.... The burger comes open faced and the patty covers the entire bun along with the melted cheese. The red onions, pickles, large tomatoes and lettuce on the side. The bottom bun has mayo on it already and the other condiments are brought to the table (if you don't want mayo or want it on the side make a mental note). The salad was served on a chilled plate which I love and had cubed tomatoes, sliced cucumber and the dressing on top. It was a good amount of dressing so I would mix it first before asking for more. Along with a soda the total price was $11 and change. Worth it and the perfect amount of food for us to share. ~ Lesley ~


LOS GALLITOS: This was so good! At least to me. I love the chile relenno and the mild red sauce that tops it. So for starters the chips are homemade along with the salsa which is very tasty, chunky, and thick, but extremely mild. The beans are really good and you can tell homemade along with the rice. The last two time we have ordered the ground beef enchiladas however this time I ordered the chili relenno and was blown away. Had I known how good it was I would have just gotten two ala carte and used the chips & salsa as my appetizer. I couldn't finish a 1/4 of the plate and that is good for me; I just couldn't stop eating it. Mac thinks that it is average American/Mexican food which isn't over powering in the flavor but mild so it doesn't off set the majority. I like it and I am now finding my favorites. If I could put one salsa from one restaurant, beans from another, rice from the third and an entree from the forth I would be good to go. Not the case so you go for what you crave!!! 

Chile relenno & ground beef enchilada platter

Two ground beef enchilada's with beans platter


For lunch my coworkers and I walked over to Lees and had their lunch specials. I ordered the almond chicken with white rice. The portion you see is on a regular size plate and piled high. Each entree is made to order so if you have allergies to nuts please let them know. They can also make any of the meat dishes into a tofu or veggie dish. My friend orders the veggie lunch special and loves it. The veggies are stir fried in the wok with their special seasoning and not to soft but not hard. She ordered the rice but if you wanted to upgrade to the noodles just ask. The third dish I can't remember what it was but it was another chicken lunch special. It was completely finished so I know it was good:)           ~ Lesley ~

Dish I can't remember what it is.

Almond chicken lunch special

Veggie Lunch Special


First is the complimentary free homemade baked bread which is brushed with tomato pasta sauce and then dusted with cheese. Its soft and warm and then dipped into the oil and balsamic vinegar is an amazing start. I love the Penne al Salmone which has little flakes of salmon mixed in with the sauce. It is such a rich dish and is now my go-to favorite. It seems like a simple dish but the flavors blend so well together. Mac had his go-to dinner which is the Orecchioni with lots of meat sauce...this time he didn't order the extra meatballs. As you can see he likes lots of parm on top.What really impresses Mac about this and why he orders it each time is that the meat is not overdone, the flavor and meat is blended into the sauce so again just like the salmon there is a little bit of meat in every bite. Plus when it comes out piping hot is two thumbs up with me. Every time we eat here it always is delivered from the stove/oven directly to us; even when they are busy. ~ Lesley ~

Penne al Salmone


I had the Pollo Valdostana...I think that is what it was. It was very delicious and the chicken tender with plenty of cheese and just the right amount of mushrooms so that you a few with each bite. The potatoes were cooked and not dry. Veggies were al dente and not mushy. I like it but I think I prefer the homemade pasta and sauces that Massimo makes. If I'm going to a Italian restaurant I prefer paying for the handmade meals. However if you have a guest that prefers meat and potatoes this is a good choice. For the vegetarian the green Orecchioni with butter is amazing! Top it with the meat sauce and its even better:) Hand made it is soft and the texture is amazing. You can split one of these for lunch with a friend along with the Polenta with mushrooms and its a Veggie Feast!!

LUNA TRATTORIA: What a great meal! Luna opens at 5pm for dinner and were there tonight right at opening. They are typically packed so I got off work early and we met with the same warm, loving welcome. Once you sit down you are brought fresh warm bread to the table with oil for dipping. We ordered two cokes which came in a can with a cold glass of ice. For dinner it was hard because I love their stuffed mushrooms and calamari for appetizers so refraining and focusing on dinner was hard. For me it was between the sausage pasta or the salmon. I ended up getting the penne pasta salmon and cream sauce pictured to the right. Served steaming hot and with just the right amount of sauce to coat the noodles and still have some for dipping your bread. The salmon was flaked and mixed in with the pasta so pretty much every bite has a little bit of meat in it. The sauce was not spicy but very rich and soft in texture. I could only eat half of it so come 2am one of us will finish it off.

We ate some of the delicious soft baked bread lightly brushed with sauce and sprinkled with cheese...olive oil & balsamic for dipping. 

Below is a picture of Macs ravioli with meat sauce and one meatball. This is his favorite item on the menu at Luna and the anticipation of the meat sauce met the expectation. From the picture and it does not look like there was much but the portion is deceiving because there is a lot of food. 

The ravioli's are homemade and the meat sauce is full of ground beef and is rich with tasty tomato and seasons. As Mac likes to say that one (sometimes two) extra meatball is just the extra to top it off. Mac did eat the entire entree along with a few bites of mine despite how full he was. We love the staff who are all very professional and fun at the same time. ~Lesley~


I went to Lee's for lunch with a work colleague and had the medium Hot & Sour Soup and split a 1/2 order of Egg Rolls (two rolls). My friend had the Vegetable Rice place which is a daily lunch special and Teresa's favorite veggie dish at Lee's. I have to say this is the first time I ordered a individual soup so I am really happy to say that it was just the right amount. I did a test at home and it comes out to about 4-5 cups (measuring cups) of soup in the perfect size bowl. The half order of egg rolls are two cut in half so it feels like you are eating two...but really only one. Make sure to ask for the hot chili paste and hot mustard to mix & dip! Yummy!

If you haven't eaten at Lee's: when you walk in they will ask you to seat yourself. The service is pretty much consistent on ordering and receiving your food in a really timely manner. If you see the place is packed (2-3 tables left) then just add about 15-20 minutes to your meal time...and that is really not that bad based on the average time frame. Your waitress who takes the order will also bring you your bill and cash it in for you; if you want to go to the counter to pay you can. There are also small trinkets and gifts available for purchase at the cashiers desk so if your a visitor I would look for a souvenir.  ~ Lesley ~

LOS GALLITOS - Located off of Main and on the side of CVS Los Gallitos has great prices for the quantity of food you get. I ordered two crispy beef taco's and a cheese enchilada which was so good and lots of cheese. The crispy tacos were very fresh and they did not use old oil to crispy them up which gave them a lighter feel. The meat inside was plenty and the sour cream on top was not extra...it came with it. Mac had the special which was two chicken enchiladas, rice & beans for $9.99 which was a great deal. He liked their mild green sauce that they make to go over the moist shredded chicken inside. This was really good & we actually finished the entire meal. For all of that and a Mexican Coke came to $22.  ~ Lesley ~
LOS GALLITOS - I walked in and ordered to-go the chicken quesadilla for myself and a bean, rice and cheese burrito for Mac. I really liked the tortillas that they wrapped their creations in and when they grill it and crisp up the outside for the quesadilla it transforms the flavor. The BRC burrito has a their homemade beans and a nice even layer of the cheese and rice. You can get both of these for about $10...you may want to add mushrooms or extra cheese to one of them. ~ Lesley ~
LUNA TRATTORIA ~ When you walk in you'll first see the bar area and the great remodeling which help create the warm atmosphere your about to enjoy. We started with warm homemade bread and Calamari and Marinara dipping sauce for our appetizer. Next Mac got the Orecchioni and I the Penne al Sangiovese.  Mac liked it so much he wrote his own review! "I ordered the raviolis in a meat sauce. Although the restaurant was fairly busy we received our orders quick and the our plates were piping hot. My raviolis were green in color, probably made from spinach and resembled broad leaves and were mildly stuffed. The meat sauce was just delicious, I left none behind. Just before receiving our entree they served us a home baked bread that was hot and delicious. As I took my last bite of food I was pleasantly full.  Since Fort Bragg only has a couple restaurants that serve Italian meals, I was very impressed with the food, service and especially with my meat sauce. Plus our waiter was friendly, personable, and very attentive."  I had the penne pasta with ground sausage in the wine cream sauce, it was so rich and filling with the freshly grated Parmesan. The price is completely worth it, the experience the that Massimo, Chef/Owner, has acquired from his birth home in Italy is a direct reflection within the food. We are going to go back for lunch.



My friend and I met at Mara's around 11:30am and I really like this coffee house. When you enter there there is seating to the left with a little gift area and the counter straight ahead. Around the right of the counter are two rooms for a more private setting with free WI-FI. One of the rooms a little larger and perfect if you have little kids while the other has a big plush chair and sofa.

Danielle had the turkey sub and as you can see it is a good size; turkey, lettuce, pickle, cheese, condiments. We both had the Pumpkin Spice Latte which was awesome. The pumpkin was so tasty and I found out that they prepare their own pumpkins and spices for the drinks. It is a real sweet family fun business. 

To the left: Peppermint Mocha!! It was hot and so good!! Worth getting it in the mug.

MENDOCINO CHOCOLATE COMPANY: Mac came home and surprised me with these little treats. The dark chocolate balls on the upper right are Espresso Caramels, the middle ones are White Espresso Beans. I haven't tried the three pack so I'm not sure what those are but they look delicious. The box contains the sugar free peanut butter ones (crossed) and then there are some lemon and then I think lime...I'll let you know when I actually eat them:) Mendo Choco is located on Main St next to Taka's and in the old BofA bank building. ~ Lesley ~

I had no idea but the one that I took a bite out of is sugar free!! Amazing! Its a fluffy, marsh-mellowly center with a mild peanut butter flavor. The white sugar free outside is also a soft chocolate which makes you know its fresh. How they made this taste so good with no sugar is awesome.

MAYAN FUSION was delicious.   Macs daughter and husband came to visit and they chose Mayan Fusion for dinner Saturday night. We ended up eating everything and then ordered Flan to go. We started with the guacamole, chips and salsa which came out pretty quick. It was tasty and the salsa not too hot. Mac ordered the Mayan Clam Chowder which is nothing like regular chowder. It is really thick and heavy like a thick chicken tortilla but with clams. Next we had the Calamari which was seasoned good, the meat was tender and not rubbery; it had tentacles which I love! For dinner Mac had the Jumbo Prawns that were served over really good garlic cheese mashed potatoes. The veggies that were served with the entrees are all the same. Unfortunately I don't remember what Max ordered but he raved about the beans; fourth picture down. Theresa and I split the Cod Filet and it was the perfect amount. The filet is huge and just flakes apart when you touch it. The Bay Shrimp and sauteed mushrooms/veggies that topped the rice and filet were a good compliment and it seemed like you were eating different dishes depending on what you loaded your fork with. The sauce they made and put over everything was fabulous. The Flan we ordered to-go was eaten about 2am and was worth the extra bump on the bill. Total before tip was about $110, including 4 soda's. It was a really nice evening and our gentleman waiter was great ~ and thats not just because he remembered Mac doing lampwork in Macs glass shop:) ~ Lesley ~

MAYAN FUSION - This was such a treat! As you can see I remembered to take a picture but not until after we already dove in.  Mayan Fusion is a new restaurant down at the Noyo Harbor, open for lunch and dinner. Side note: they take credit cards!!!

       We started out splitting a cup of Mayan Clam Chowder, I asked and this is not a tomato base but tinted orange from the spices.  It reminds me of the spice in a Tortilla Soup but with the crab, potatoes and crunchy tortilla strips. Perfect to split if you are timid trying it plus its very rich. It was hot, full of crab meat and delicious. Really good!

Next we had the Ravioli stuffed with crab meat and cheese drizzled with sauces and oils and we both agreed next time we are going to order two. Crab and Rock Cod Cakes were my choice and I was not disappointed with the size or the whole presentation and accompaniment. WOW! We split the two appetizers and as you can see there was a great slaw under the crab cakes. There are two cakes per order with a corn and cabbage slaw tossed in a citrus/lime sauce underneath. For the Ravioli's there are three per order but are large and also very rich and filling. We are very light eaters so for a normal couple I would suggest splitting a cup of soup, one appetizer and then ordering your entrees. The prices in our opinion are right on the money and the service and timing of food was perfect. We truly enjoyed every bite and will go back till we taste everything.  Go there.  ~ Lesley ~

Mayan Clam Chowder - little kick inside a thick chunky clam chowder.

Crab & Rock Cod Cakes
with Corn Slaw

Ravioli with Crab - OMG!!!

Mayan lunch update:

ALERT:  this is the  chicken Enchilada. It is the shredded chicken enchilada with rice and beans. There is a delicious salad that is on top so be prepared this is how it is served. Its not like the traditional ones.
Fish & Chips

For both of these lunches and two sodas it came out to $40+ (there were left overs)



I ordered the `Loaded Baked Potato' and I'm glad I asked what it was...it was a soup and I loved it! Big chunks of white potato and homemade creamy soup that is rich with cream and then topped with more sour cream, green onions and cheese. It was hot and not spicy but very mild.

I also ordered a chicken sandwich to go asking for just mayo and the softest bread; leaving that up to Eric. As you can see the chicken is cut into large pieces and made with little bits of onion; red and white. (this is not the same pic as previous).

The macaroni salad is completely different from Colombi's. Eric diced red onions and it tastes more like it is made with a oil based mayo that is a fine film over the noodles. Colombi's is made with a mayo base, white onions and black olives. I like both but they are different. I actually took this macaroni and mixed it with a can of Albacore Tuna Fish and it turned into the best tuna noodle salad! I love Nello's!  ~ Lesley ~   

North Coast Brewery

This is a picture of my new `aquaintafriends' that graciously allowed me to infringe myself on their business stop over. I dropped in on my way home to order dinner for Mac and I. He wanted the prawns my mom had before and I wanted to calamari. After taking a stool at the bar and ordered a beer and a placed our order. After being a social butterfly or bat depending on the women next to me who came after me and were now seated for dinner I realized they were gone and I'd been there for a long time. I asked the bartender where my order was. She knew what it was and then returned back with the bag. I immediately knew it was just sitting back there so I  opened up the boxes and felt the food.

 It was warm but not hot. They were very gratious and offered to remake the food but I didn't want to wait. She then came back and offered to comp the whole thing. Thats not fair but I did offer to compromise and I paid for one meal and I left a $10 tip. I only left the tip because she took care of the situation after the fact and was extremely polite. Things happen and I do not know why it wasn't hot so cheating the bartender or a waitress out of their tip isn't right.

Mac loved the prawns that were just as large as last time but didn't eat the fries; I should have put them in the toaster oven for a few. It also came with coleslaw  The calamari was really good and with both the tentacles and rings which were coated with a really light batter. They also threw in a few battered long green beans...great treat. The horseradish dip that came with it was awesome and just enough even though it looks like a little cup. 

NELLO'S MARKET & DELISo now I have a new favorite sandwich from Eric! First off the pictures below are only half since we were to busy eating to think about taking pictures. We are keeping the ones below for later since it is a lot of food. The chicken pesto panini was so good today! Of course I had 4 people who just ordered in front of me but I have to say those sandwich making skills are amazingly fast. Mac order the turkey and his choices off of the menu item list and I was going to do the same but when I walked in and smelled that toasted bread I had to find out what Eric was making. It was one of the specials of the day; meatball was the other. He brushed the outside of the bread with butter (& pesto I think) which gave it that perfect little crunch after he grilled it. Inside was more mild pesto, not over powering at all, the chicken was moist and tender and the tomato was still cool and large enough which made every bite the same. I could only eat half but still managed to nibble on the second one...as you can see. Mac's turkey was fresh and moist also, I know because we had to taste each others. Besides having really soft bread the lettuce is crunchy and does not come out of the sandwich when you take a bite. I like that the best. Two thumbs up! ~ Lesley ~

Turkey, Swiss, mayo, mustard, lettuce & tomato on white bread!  

Chicken Pesto Panini 

NITS ~ Oh my goodness!! Mac and I along with a friend went for lunch at Nits. She makes everything herself and it was just as good as I remembered. We ordered the Pad Thai with Tofu instead of chicken and then we had the Chicken with Red Curry (just another word for sauce - doesn't taste like Indian curry) and still had food for dinner. When you get the Pad Thai make sure that after the first helping that you stir it up again from the bottom because the oil/sauce settles and swirling your portion of the noodles around in it makes seconds extra special. The veggies with the rice and chicken are sauteed to perfection and cut in beautiful decorative shapes. It is like having a picture on your place you can actually eat. The thing I really like about Nits is the quaintness of her restaurant. The sign says 26 seating capacity so your service is personable and it feels welcome. Nit is open between 11-2 for lunch so order to go or sit inside and watch the people on Main Street. Dinner 5-9 pm.      ~ Lesley ~

We forgot again to take a picture before we started dishing up...so the chicken dish above isn't as pretty as it was served. However the noodles below were just delivered. Make sure to pinch off some herb & mix with the noodles because it completely changes the flavor...for the better.  For the 3 of us, with soda & left overs it came to $29 before tip. Average $10 per person for 2 dishes plus enough for dinner is great.

NORTH COAST BREWERY AND TAPROOM: My mom came down for my birthday and the three of us went to the Brewery for dinner. Our dinner started off with the waiter coming and giving us each freshly baked roll with soft butter. My mom ordered the Shrimp and Chips which came with a tangy coleslaw and delicious homemade dipping sauce. The huge shrimp are coated in their Scrimshaw batter and fried. Mac and my mom raved about how tender and large they were. Mac believes they are the best in town right now. I had the Calamari Steak that came with half crunchy half soft green beans and rice that didn't compliment the others. The calamari steaks were breaded in batter and fried; thinker batter then panko. Macs Linguini Frutti Di Mare was fantastic! I wish I had ordered that and next time I will. It was also really large and full of seafood just as the menu states. The noodles were cooked perfect and the fish tastes like it was cooked in the broth and not just put in at the last minute. This was a great meal and I would definitely recommend taking company here or making it a date night. ~ Lesley ~

NELLO'S Market & Deli ~
This chicken salad sandwich was soooo good. I could not believe how moist and tender the chicken was and the flavors of what Eric mixed together worked great. You can choose your bread, cheeses, extras and after made it is wrapped up in a tight little package for take out. You can also turn any of these sandwiches into a Panini which is where they press grill it on both sides. Yummy!!

So, if you are heading to Glass Beach this is the perfect place to stop and grab a few made to order or if your in a hurry look in their premade deli cabinet.

Nello's is located on the corner of Main St and E Elm. Head North on Main St and the last light before you go over Pudding Creek you will see it on the right hand side corner.


Off The Hook Update: I would love to give you a review but every time I try to go here they are not open??? Just me??

OFF THE HOOK is usually open for dinner but can be a hit or miss on lunch. It was so good! You have to get the Magic Mushroom which is stuffed with cream cheese, coated in tempura batter and then deep fried. There's a dipping sauce that is really delicious but very optional since the mushroom is so tasty. If you look at the picture you can see that it was cut into four pieces. We ordered this for a starter and it came with two. My mom turned us on to something new; deep fried California Roll. We asked and they did it. It was amazing!! Completely changes the taste and with a warm crunchy outside, The Shrimp Dinner had nice size prawns/shrimp and served with steamed rice and a salad. I had the Chicken Teriyaki Dinner which came with a lot of tender chicken. By the time the dinners were served I was completely full from the Mushrooms and Roll. My mom had a glass of the Plum Wine and loved it! ~ Lesley ~


They have the best deep fried cream cheese stuffed monster mushrooms!! You have to get those and the jalapeno stuffed poppers. First, the mushrooms are absolutely huge; I wish I had taken a picture...next time. They're stuffed with cream cheese, battered in tempura and deep fried. The best way to eat it is to cut it in half or three sections and share, plus that will help the steam to escape so you don't burn your mouth like I did. Completely worth the oil you are going to punish your body with. There is a lot to choose from on menu that is not fried but very healthy and tempting. They have lunch specials along with a bar inside. In my opinion the portions are really good and match the prices. I would suggest starting with your top two choices and order those to share...you can always order more:) ~ Lesley ~ 


ROUND TABLE PIZZA: I stopped in and ordered at the counter...saves us about $6-7 in deliver & tip charges. We ordered the skinny medium pizza with pepperoni, olives, and half anchovies. It was hot, cut all the way thru, and the ingredients were all the way to the edge of the crust. We enjoyed it.

I also decided to order the Chicken Bacon Alfredo and I was pleasantly surprised. It was really hot, full of properly cooked noodles and lots of chicken, tomatoes, spinach and cheese. It also had enough sauce but not soupy. I wasn't expecting it be this good. My one complaint is that the bacon is soft and should be cooked more. Its kind like a fat bacon ham. 

RELISH:  Since Mac liked this so much he will make sure to take a picture of it to up date the review. 
Have you ever seen those street vendors selling hotdogs in New York city?  Whenever I see them my mouth begins to water; I can just imagine how it tastes, and honestly I've never had one.  However, yesterday I got this urge for a hotdog and stopped in at the "Relish" restaurant and ordered the "House Dog" with everything.  My mouth is watering right now just writing about it.  Well not really knowing what the House Dog was I was surprised to see it was truly a foot long with a half inch of dog peaking out from each end of the bun.  The dog's thinkness was just like your regular dogs you get at the market, perfect for my taste.  And, best of all: the bun is soft and fresh and being steamed, and then the reslish, mayo, mustard, onions, and cheese fill best tasting hotdog you've ever had.  New York step aside!  Fort Bragg's Relish hotdogs are the best.  Now that's just my personal opinion, I'm no commonsewer.  Myron


I love these fries!!! I cannot tell you enough that this is the place to go for a hotdog and fries. You see the chili fries below, well, the regular fries are just as good. I honestly think that the difference is that they change their deep fry oil which gives it the fresh taste. Mac and I love just a basic hot dog with not much on it. Plus our big concern is that we get one that does not have a tough skin. The basic beef hot dog is the one that you want to order. I know the picture looks like a pretty basic dog but its really good and you can load it with tons of stuff which we just would prefer not to have. Splitting the dog and fries were perfect for us and we also love sitting and watching the tourist and locals walking and sight seeing on Main Street. This is a great little place to stop in for a dog, nacho's, veggie or chicken wrap and if you want a beer is perfect. ~ Lesley ~

These are the Nacho Fries 

that I love!

RELISH:   I love the new additions they have made to the menu. Onions rings and chili cheese fries! Mac and I dropped in the other day to split a regular beef hotdog...the kind with the soft skin that you can bite thru. So good! The bun is soft and the hotdog fits just inside and we had it with the works.   Now for one of my favorite dishes ever!...I ordered some Nacho fries with jalapeno's on them to go. Not the incredible chili cheese fries that you see in the picture. `My' nacho fries are piping hot out of the deep fry and then hot melted nacho cheese (liquid) is poured over & topped with jalapenos. It will burn your mouth it is so temperature hot! Awesome! It's not on the menu but they'll make it for you at the same cost as the chili ones. If you've ever had Del Taco's nacho fries this is what they taste like. Anyway, I loved them so much & raved my coworker and I walked over the next day for lunch and had the chili fries and some onion rings. The chili has large beans and is flavored really well so that they don't get lost. The real cheddar cheese melts quick over the hot chili. The onion rings were large,somewhat light for being deep fry'd and tasty. The onion actually did not slide out of the coating when you bite thru. The nacho fries or chili cheese fries are the perfect lunch to share and with a couple soda's in the can its about $10 total.~ Lesley ~  

Chili Cheese Fries and some Onion Rings...sorry no picture of the nacho fries (liquid nacho sauce) since I forgot. 


Mendocino Botanical Gardens Park in the main lot and when you enter go thru the second door outside and the Cafe is to the right. The seating is outside and even with the overcast day it was actually really pleasant. Order at the window and pick up at the window. My friend and I had lunch there today and it was GREAT! We both had the special which you see to the left; Falafel Pita completely filled with a thick and soft patty (but not mushy) along with sliced avocado, tomato, sprouts and tzatziki sauce, all spaced out so that you get a portion in every bite. So good I tell you and the flavor was not over powering but mild and did not need salt. The pita bread was soft and didn't fall apart even when I got the end of the second half; it took me about 10 min to finish the first one...I'm a slow eater. I asked for more of the cucumber-yogurt tzatziki sauce even though there was plenty in the pita because I could've drank it. This was one of the specials offered on the board when entering, $8.95 and worth it based on the freshness and care in making it. The picture doesn't do it justice with the little flower or the flavor. If you want a soda or Snapple they are for sale in a vending machine or if you want a smoothie, coffee or tea you can order that at the window.  ~ Lesley ~

RELISH - New Owners!!!
We love the new items added to the menu! First the Veggie hot dog tastes just like real beef without that rubbery coating. Mac has tried most all of the different ones to find that soft dog, this is it! I love the Tamales pictured upper right, which by the way are huge and homemade. Get them hot or to go and Yuri will give the secret way to reheat them in the microwave; brilliant! The nacho's as you can see are also gigantic and loaded with everything that covers all the chips.
Macs midnight snack is heating up a Beans Rice and Cheese burrito which are made to order. Eat it hot while you're there, or they will heat it to go or just take it cold like we do! Options will change because they sell out fast; meat choices are from chicken, pork and beef.
~ Lesley ~
Mac gets the RBC burrito to go - its 3 meals!
ROUNDTABLE PIZZA: We give props when they are due and the pizza we just got delivered was the best we've had. They're always good but this time the thin crust with pepperoni, mushrooms and extra cheese was cooked perfectly; hot, soft and lots of cheese all the way to the crust. Well done and we also want to thank the delivery drivers who are always so nice and courteous. ~ Lesley ~



This was the first time that we have taken the kids out in the car and to eat. They loved it! Knowing that Sea Pal is dog friendly we had such a fun time with them. I ordered the fish sandwich and fries and Mac had the hamburger & fries. As you can see there are so many fries we could not finish all of them; the kids loved them!!  I took two bites of the sandwich, which now has three pieces of fish, red onions, and lettuce. Since I am not a big bread eater I turned it into a lettuce sandwich so I could eat more fries. Mac loves their hamburgers and always refers to it as tasting homemade. Sitting outside it was a perfect day. ~ Lesley ~

SEA PAL COVE:   Such a treat! It was about 75 degrees outside and my friend and met to have a few beers and split a fish & chips. Happy Birthday Danielle!! What a transformation Sea Pal has gone thru. The outside dining area is huge which is great for families with small kids who can move around and watch the seals and boats right on the harbor. 

The fish is so good. I love the batter which is kinds think but not thick enough that the batter is not done when your eating it. The outside has that crisp texture and then when you break it open the steam pipes up and the white shiny thick meat just asks you to burn your mouth in delight. I choose tarter sauce, ranch dressing, and ketchup for the dippings. What is nice is that you can help yourself to the condiments and there is no extra cost. I love to dip my fries in ranch dressing so that was a real treat to just take it myself. The huge selection of beers is new and awesome! However I think that $5 for a draft beer is ridiculous but its the same everywhere in town. If your lucky you can buy one for $4.00 on some crazy happy hour. ****Just so you know if you order the sandwich there are 3 pieces of fish...for $4 less. Just saying....  ~ Lesley ~


If you drive down into Noyo Harbor it is the first little restaurant on the left hand side after you pass Angelina's. There is lots of outside seating for having fish & chips and a beer or soda; the inside is very small with two tables. Mac and I along with a friend had lunch there and it was great. They had cheeseburgers with fries and I had a fish sandwich that also comes with fries, three bottled sodas; $26 (under $10 a person). Everything was great! I was going to order the fish & chips but it was $4 more than the fish sandwich and fries so I went for the latter. It was hot, moist and the perfect size for lunch with two deep fried fish pieces on a soft hamburger bun with the trimmings. The fries are the shoestring size which means you can eat more:) I had a bite of the cheeseburger and it was delicious also. The good thing that Mac pointed out is that the burger fit the bun which is really annoying when it doesn't match. The cheese was all melted since they just cooked it and the amount of fries was perfect. The meal is served in open container with the fries on the bottom & side & the burger/sandwich next to it. I'm glad to see that there is another place in the harbor. ~ Lesley ~

SAFEWAY Absolutely horrible Chicken Kiev & Cordon Bleu from the deli section! I usually make this at home or buy the frozen ones for a quick meal. We decided to by the ones from the meat section in Safeway...what a mistake! After I cooked them and we cut in it was apparent that they had not been tenderized and the Kiev had one smashed piece of broccoli. My Cordon Bleu had a single slice of ham and was each were the size of a quarter rolled and slapped in the middle with a fat breast of chicken flopped over. I'm taking back the other two and would never recommend buying these items from Safeway again.

Ok, now that I am complaining, the store is always freezing cold. I have complained numerous times and filled out the online survey from the receipt for every sale/visit. Nothing seems to matter. If you agree with me please look at the bottom of your receipt and use the survey to tell them. Maybe you'll win something but in the meantime hopefully they'll turn up the heat!
~ Lesley ~


I ordered three ground beef taco's to-go and was so happy when I got home & munched down. In the picture there are two which show the amount of ground beef, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. I asked for them to be double layered with the tortillas so that we could make two out of one. The beef can be as spicy or mild as you want; just ask. It may not look the best from the picture but I would recommend this for those who are on a budget and want good food at a reasonable cost. For three (literally 9) tacos with the works is about $10. I asked for the salsa on the side since Mac doesn't like cilantro...I love her salsa! ~ Lesley ~

TAQUERIA RICARDA'S: You will love Ricarda's food which she prepares herself. If you are heading up Oak St you will find the little steps leading to her quaint restaurant on the left hand side just before you reach Colombi Market on the corner. We usually get her ground beef soft corn taco plate which we love but this time I just got a couple little quesadillas which were the perfect size for a afternoon snack. I was able to take pictures in the back of how she makes them and watching her heat up those tortillas and then eating one fresh was so good. Such a treat from a family owned restaurant that has been probably close to 20+ years. Her beans are Macs favorite!!! ~ Lesley ~
I just had lunch there with a friend and it was delicious, plus she ordered something that I definitely will be getting the next time I go. Pan fried Japanese noodles with beef & vegetables cooked all together and served on a dinner plate. It looked so good and the beef are sliced thin and cut in bite size pieces; she said it was very tender. I stuck to my California Rolls which is a order of 6 and perfect for a lite lunch. The thing I most appreciate about Taka's is that it always tastes fresh and there is no oil smell when you walk in. There is no oil taste when things are deep fried and their soda's are in a can served with a glass of ice (you never know whats growing in those machines). We sat on the side where the heaters are for winter...today the windows were open since it was so hot and beautiful out, we enjoyed the little zen garden they have. I also really like the sushi bar they put in with the remodel; it seats about 5-6 and faces the Chef/Owner. ~ Lesley ~

THE RESTAURANT: April 2015  Such a treat! My brother called & got a $75 gift certificate for Mac and I for our Christmas gift. Thanks Brother Adam! We finally used it and loved the new remodeled look of The Restaurant! Its is so light and inviting with the fresh paint and new artwork. The booths have been changed and I love that they are open on each end. It makes you feel less trapped and visually enlarges the room. 

Mac ordered a cup of clam chowder and I ordered a three Crab Cake appetizer (not shown:( They were sooo good. The meat is fresh and the cakes are moist and you can tell they were hand packed and carefully watched while being cooked. Mac had the Chicken Marsala which was placed over the best polenta with their own sauce and mushrooms. The sides for both of us were veggies...we asked for them to be cooked longer and they turned out perfect. We have to admit...we loved Jim so much we would eat them a little crunchy without asking to change...that's right we said it!

I had the Calamari Steak, and typical it did not disappoint! I actually ate the entire dinner with the crab cakes! We waited all day for this meal and it was so worth it. For and with the two entrees, one order of a crab cakes (3), cup of chowder, two soda's we spent the $75 gift certificate and contributed $20 to cover the 20% tip. 

THE RESTAURANT: We had such a great evening! Mac started with a cup of clam chowder and I had the small ceasar salad.They changed the bread from small loafs that were cut up to small hot buns that are so good! As you can see Mac had the Chicken Marsala which was over a delicious bed of polenta However the veggies that were sauteed were a little hard. However, I ate them because I like them on the harder side...no loss there:)
I had Jims Pasta which was the Pasta Special of the night. In the past it was not on the menu but I would order it because Mac had been dining there for almost 30 years and knew of his special. Its like falling in love again. The Restaurant was our first date and our love for Jim and Susan cannot be written in words. So, my pasta was great and both of us have another mean waiting in our refrigerator. If you want a beautiful and elegant experience to share wi someone you love, you must invest in yourself and go to The Restaurant.  ~ Lesley ~

THE RESTAURANT - So wonderful! Mac started with a cup of Clam Chowder which of course is always good and hot. Then for dinner he ordered the Chicken Marsala and as you can see there are two huge pounded tender breasts over polenta with sauteed mushrooms and a sauce that is amazing. The veggies are sauteed just to past the crunch stage so its tender but not to hard.

This time I decided to try the Caesar salad with a side of Crab Cakes. I really liked the salad because each lettuce leaf was completely coated with dressing. The large but not monstrous croutons looked like they would be hard but they crumble in your mouth like chips of garlic butter. YUM! Now that would be good dropped in the Clam Chowder....

This is our favorite restaurant which is casual dining but in an elegant, warm atmosphere. We adore Madelyn who is just one of their sweetest assets who helps us with our evening. I had to take a picture of the wall display which changes often and is just as gorgeous as this harvest setting. We recently had friends from out of town and made reservations which were waiting for us in the full house. I had my go to flatten/pounded calamari breaded steak with potatoes and veggies. Of course we had to have the clam chowder to start. Julie had the pork chops which we heard rave reviews; wonderful experience for one who had never tasted it before. The men both had cheeseburgers with their choice of sliced fried potatoes. One of the favorite parts of our dining at The Restaurant is experiencing the different artwork that Olaf had painted. It seems like every time we have dinner we find a new scene; an experience for everyone. It is worth paying the extra $5-7 a person per plate compared to other restaurants in town; plus you'll have left overs. Another thing you can do which we have done is go for the clam chowder and a order of crab cakes; perfect order for two. My mouth is watering again.~ Lesley~


Happy Birthday to me! Halfway between Ft Bragg and Mendo you will find this incredible restaurant tucked behind a hotel. Mac took this panoramic picture from the right side of the restaurant. From the front you would never know how elaborate and beautiful it is inside with vaulted ceilings and a incredibly huge front entrance and two dining halls. We are in the left smaller dining area which has less noice and faces the water, looking thru those open doors you see the large dining area with family style and couple seating. Since it was my birthday we went all out and ordered the chicken coconut soup, spring rolls, chicken curry and chicken pad thai. Amazing! The remainder of the soup is placed on the table in a self serving flamed pot which I love! The spring rolls were hot, crispy and everything I had been anticipating. By the time the entrees arrived we were so full from the soup and spring rolls (two; cut in half for us) we nibbled on the hot noodles and saucy chicken.
         The left overs were so good. My only recommendation is that if you want your veggies soft (any dish that has them including the soup) please make sure and let them know otherwise they come out very al dente. In the soup and curry the sliced carrots for example were to crunchy for Mac and even a little bit for me who likes them on the harder side. However the service was so fast and at the same time the food tasted like it had been simmering and creating its authentic taste for hours. If you've never eaten Thai food just remember that the spices used are totally different from Chinese and Japanese but are still deep in flavor. If you're on the lighter side of spicy you can get it mild and ask for extra spicy sauce on the side at no cost; believe me you won't need much. Check the hours before heading out. ~ Lesley ~
V'CANTO..same as Cucina Verona..V'Canto is former name
We had a wonderful evening sitting in the small windo facing Laurel St.
As you can see from the pictures Mac had his favorite ravioli's with two meatballs. I had the Spicy Rock Cod with pasta and carrots.
What I love is that the portions are the right size and both dishes were steaming hot, even half way thru the meal they were still hot.

My fish was so good and the fillet was thick but flaked off perfectly. I was skeptical of the carrots with the pasta but it was a both carrots and broccoli. Steamed perfectly with the pasta being a little al dente; I ended up eating  all the fish and taking the pasta home.

We didn't fill up on the bread this time but for some reason the soda we ordered (Coca Cola) was extremely delicious. Just had to add that.

Again, the tax is included in the prices; easy to round up the tip.

VIRAPORNS: Soooooo..this is going to be long. I met my friend who is a Master Gardner at the Botanical Gardens for dinner; I got there first and was offered any table I wanted. We sat facing away from the kitchen and towards the rest of the dining area. I tell you this because there was a party of 30 in the back room that was incredibly loud. What really amazed me was that when the doors were shut it was like it was sound proof. Crazy.

We ordered the Pad Si Yu and Pad Grapow which are two entrees and a order of 2 Thai Spring Rolls. Now this is important; when we ordered we were asked if we wanted steamed or brown rice. I wanted steamed and Danielle wanted brown...the waiter showed us the menu and pointed to the options of brown or steamed. We asked for steamed.

Since the last time I was there the portions have been downsized. The Pad Si Yu was made with bean sprouts and chicken (pic left) and was not spice but had a nice rich sauce. The Thai rolls were served cut sideways and served with a sweet sauce;I asked for hot chili sauce for dipping. The Pad Grapow as you see on the right of the picture had flat soft noodles...it was really good but I think I would get the Pad Thai only because I like little noodles better. I like little noodles because for some reason I think I can eat more:)  The chicken was really good and tender.

Sooo...here is where the whole thing when catdywanka. I got the bill and I saw that I was charged $1.50 for the rice. I called our server over and asked why I was being charged for something that was included. I was told that the rice was not included in the entree price. He told me that there were customers that did not eat the rice so that is why they are charging for it. I told him I had never in my life been charged for rice when ordering a entree from such an establishment.

In all honesty he did show me the menu which had the rice options on it So when he brought the menu out during our discussion to prove me wrong I point out that the Rice Option, Spring Rolls, Soups, were all on the Starter/Appetizer page which clearly indicated it was a option. The entrees were on a separate page which did not say 'rice was not included'. So my suggestion was to print on the menu `rice not included'; he thought that was great.

Now for the grand finale!  While I am disputing being charge for rice (really? rice? I can buy a 5lb bag for what they were charging me for 1/2 cup cooked) we have a `huMan' at the next table complaining and staring us down, He stated loudly that I had the audacity to complain about being charge for rice. I told him I would gladly allow him to pay for ours but he declined.

Here is the lesson for the day: do not pay for what should be include and do not allow another patron to intimidate you! If you feel that that you did not get what you were charged for. Lesley ~  Feb 2015

2013 & 2014 In Review


Fort Bragg Steak House (permanently closed) We arrived around 7:15pm Sunday night at Fort Bragg Steak House and when we walked in it was nicely lit with a clean and warm appearance. we were warmly welcomed and told we could sit anywhere. Once seated we were served cold water & warm bread & butter. We both ordered a cup of clam chowder, two soda's and a dinner entree each which comes with a salad & choice of potato.

`I was really impressed with the clam chowder because it was really hot and full of little clams.  It wasn't chunky but nice and smooth.   For dinner I ordered the chicken with mushrooms in cream sauce and chose the baked potato & ranch for the salad dressing (great dressing).  The cream sauce was absolutely amazing and the shiitake mushrooms were perfect. It also came with sliced zucchini which was cooked just right and not mushy. After finishing the bread, soup, salad, potato and not quite half the chicken I still have lunch for tomorrow.  For the overall service I was really impressed, the food came out one right after each other and was hot.  I will definitely go back and try breakfast'  ~Lesley~

`I ordered the petite Filet Mignon medium well with a Bearnaise sauce (I think its a port wine glace) and mashed potatoes.  The clam chowder was good with lots of little clams, I ordered thousand island dressing, good. When the entree came out I asked for more of the sauce for my potatoes and was told that the chef would put the pan back on and prepare more of the sauce for me.  I found that impressive & liked that it was being prepared fresh.  It only took a few minutes but not only did I get more of the sauce but I also got a side of horseradish dip which was very tasty (and unexpected). All I can say is the meat was perfect. I finished the whole plate. Also, and I speak for both of us on this, the plating presentation was very impressive. Now I look forward to that midnight snack of `chicken and mushrooms....'  ♦Mac ♦ 


Mendo Bistro: We parked behind the Company Store and walked into the building. The Bistro is located upstairs and as soon as we walked in we were seated looking over Main Street.  We were served warm home made bread and soft butter.  The atmosphere is elegant and warm but with the vaulted ceilings it give you the old world feeling.

`I ordered the Fettuccine with Chicken with the salad. First the salad was just the right size with slivers of red onions which I love.  Plus the pasta came out piping hot.  The pasta was a little to much for me to eat the whole dish so I took it home.  And just so you know, when I reheated it the pasta turned to butter which to me means it really was home made sauce.  Just as good the second time... ~ Lesley~

`I ordered The Special of Mahi Mahi and it was prepared just as ordered.  The salad was good and the dressing good also.  The meal was worth the price paid which I believe included the scenic view.'  ♦ Mac ♦  


New Best Buffet:  We decided to eat dinner and our total bill was about $23 for two drinks and two buffets. If you think about it spending $12 for a hot dinner and choosing exactly what you want is pretty inexpensive these days. The dinning room faces Main Street so you can either sit inside or near the half glass domed window to feel the sun on your head & back. The buffet is huge and hot, yes hot! They have soup, salad, many desserts and a large selection of vegetarian dishes.

As I have gotten older my ability to eat like I did at a buffet is not the same. I have slowed down considerably. The reason I love eating here is because I can take a little bit of what ever I want and enjoy everything...o.k. I'm exaggerating  when I say everything. I also have my pattern for the buffet. First I start with a cup of soup, 1 stickers, a egg roll and 1 of the many sushi roll options. Then the next trip is the meat and veggies. I had sauteed green beans (so good), mushroom chicken and a deep fried zucchini. Some times I have room for one of the great fruits or pastries for dessert but most of the time I am too full. The best part of the meal is the family that takes care of you while you are there. We adore them. ~Lesley~

I come here during the afternoon for lunch with my friend Barry and always enjoy ourselves. Everyone is always so nice and pleasant and the atmosphere is warm; you can tell it is run by a family. I also had a variety of chicken and the beef was incredibly tender, sliced thin and sauteed. I will not eat tough meat and finding a place that is consistently good will always get my business. The best part about coming here is that there is no wait to be seated and you can eat right way and the food is great. So maybe you don't have the waited on service in the beginning but once you are there your drink is refilled, you leave the table to get another plate or dessert and when you come back your other plate is gone. It's like going into your kitchen and having everything already made for you with out cleaning up the mess. I recommend you check it out for a low key and pleasant evening.  ♦ Mac ♦


Papa Murphys First, I have to put their menu on the site.  I need to get a menu with their prices since the official website does not give price; strange.

I have to say, I picked up a Cowboy Pizza for dinner and within 18 minutes of popping it in the oven it was done and perfect.  I am so sold on this pizza.  My friend who sticks to non animals gave me her coupon for The Cowboy.  Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms and black olives.  Yippy skippy, thank you Mary Elizabeth! It was a large for $9 with the coupon and better than Round Tables delivered for $30 with a coupon.

Myron liked it so much that when I got up in the morning some of it was missing. Hmmm...the night owl strikes again!

If anyone has it before I get back over to that side please email it to me so I can put them on with prices.  ~ Lesley ~


Part II: The `Q'  - BBQ Joint  So let me first start by saying that the whole night wasn't a total loss. However I would not pay $10 again for the To-Go order I got.  I arrived about 3:00pm and there was one dine in & one To-Go order in front of me. I ordered The `Q` with coleslaw on the side To-Go; the wait time was perfect.

I don't live very far so when I got home & opened it up; COLD. Here is the thing and I think I figured it out; its the packaging. You take a bun, add hot meat, then add cold slaw on top, put cold slaw or what ever side next to it creates a moisture mess when the lid is shut. It made the meat cold which in turn made the fat in the meat disgustingly greasy in the top of your mouth way. 

Here is the solution and we as customers don't mind fixing it the way WE want it when we get home.  Take the bun & meat and wrap it in foil. Give a small side of slaw to dump on top at home and we are good to go. The sandwich stays hot and it changes the entire meal.

Please let The Q know if this is a good idea and tell them. We want all of our restaurants to thrive and I love good food so lets all help each other.  I also hear that the food is wonderful when you eat it right there when it is served. I have not heard one complaint about the inside dining; just the To-Go and that's why I checked it out.  ~Lesley~

Part II: The `Q'  - BBQ Joint   We finally returned and took in the cool evening; sitting under a nicely heated lamp. The dinner was AWESOME! We split a hot brisket and a half a chicken. The sides were homemade Mac & Cheese ~ cheese that strings from your fork to your lips ~ and their homemade potato salad ~ just the right amount of dressing. We ate the entire meal...I of course ate the crispy chicken skin....

This really is a must of you want to have the family out and not worry about cleaning up. The price is great and the amount of food is perfect! Usually we would take some home but this time we really couldn't stop ourselves and even Heinz our Weiner dog was left out.

Not sure about the take out but my recommendation is to eat in if you can and then special order wrap your sandwich to go! 


Taqueria Ricarda's We went to Ricarda's for a late lunch. We love going here for her ground beef tacos.

This time we ordered our usual two tacos, Myrons side of refried beans and I went for the cheese enchilada. Wow, the tacos didn't let us down and were huge and full of everthing. The refried beans I couldn't help but grab a few spoonfuls, they are the best beans and more like a creamy soup. This time the enchilada was covered in a red sauce that was killer!! I scooped up the extra sauce with the free chips and salsa they provide. Trying not to fill up on the salsa beforehand was hard but good news...the chef is fast.

Head up Oak Street for about 4 blocks and you'll see it on the left hand side. Its a small two step ramp...the only one with steps on that side. A couple stores up from Columbi Market.

The Restaurant is locate across from The Depot.  When you walk in you can be helped to a seat from one of the friendly staff.  We arrived around 6:30pm on Sunday night and had a seat waiting for us.  We were served cold water and warm bread and butter once seated.  We both ordered a cup of Clam Chowder and a Pepsi each.

`The Clam Chowder was awesome...as usual. I've been dining here for three years now and I have never had a bad meal. Tonight I had the Rockfish (coated and pan fried), it came with rice and veggies but I asked for pasta instead. Pasta is always great with butter & parm.  One thing I would like to say is that the asparagus was steamed perfect with a garlic butter.  We did order the bread pudding To-Go...midnight snack....'  ~Lesley~  p.s. it didn't last that late...already gone and the whip cream was worth the wait

`I've been eating at "The Restaurant" for the last 26 years and it's one of my favorite restaurants. The management and employees all make you feel at home and welcomed. You sit in an ambiance of original paintings and art objects and your table has fresh roses & candles on white linen tablecloths. Tonight I started with their homemade clam chowder that's rich and creamy. My dinner was fresh filet soul, asparagus, and pasta. It was well presented, hot, and tasty. You don't walk away hungry.  ♦Mac ♦

Taqueria Ricarda's: We decided to take an early dinner around 3pm and go to Ricarda's.  We've had dinner here many times so we already knew what we wanted before going in. This is a small restaurant on the LHS of Oak St and has steps leading into the entrance. It is very cozy inside with walls filled of memories they share from childhood to grown families. The owners are warm, quiet and it seems like everyone knows each other and are friends.  When we sat down we were given warm home made chips and salsa and we ordered right away.  There was no one there when we arrived and by the time we were done the place was packed

`I ordered a chicken quesadilla and a Pepsi (cold in a can).  I munched on the chips and salsa, I like her salsa because its really fresh, chunky and a little spic.  Our food came out really fast but not to quick that we felt rushed to get out of there.The quesadilla was a half place tortilla with cheese and a ton of shredded chicken inside. I opened it up poured some salsa on, took the bed of shredded lettuce with sour cream and placed it inside and used my fork. Delicious!'  ~Lesley~

`I ordered what I always get; two ground beef soft corn tortilla tacos with everything on it and a glass of milk. The taco's are huge, and what  I appreciate about these is that without asking the tacos are made with two tortillas.  It is so frustrating when a taco falls apart but even though the juice is all over your hands these hold up.  I was still hungry after that so I ordered a bowl of re-fried beans, they are homemade and so creamy.  That was just right. I have just good things to say.' ♦ Mac ♦ 

Takas Japanese: We arrived around 5:30pm and it was just starting to get busy.  When you walk in the front there is a sushi bar to the left and seating to the right & a covered back patio (heating lamps). The chef's are in the kitchen behind the bar so you can see them preparing your food if you wanted.  We decided to sit inside and was helped right way. We have had really great service lately around town and this was at the same level. Helpful but not hovering.  What we noticed, now that we're looking, is that the noise level was really low and we could just have a normal conversation.

I ordered the Dinner Box of Chicken, Tempura & Ca Rolls w/Miso Soup and soda for dinner. I can't believe I ate the whole thing! First I had the Miso Soup which was good & hot (I almost burned my mouth on it & I love temp hot food/beverages...caution)  The dinner box came out (it really is a box with compartments separating the food inside) and it was steaming. I love the tempura green beans & broccoli the most, the batter is really light but at the same time thick in places which is a nice crunchy treat.The Ca rolls were fresh and tight, you know the type that stay together even when an amateur chop stick user tries to dip it? The chicken was dark & white meat & tender, a big portion which I managed to almost finish. To full for dessert and not enough left to take home it was a good night. ~Lesley~

I ordered the Shrimp & Vegetable Tempera with CA Rolls Dinner Box, soda and the Miso soup which comes with it. The soup was good, really hot coming out but cooled quickly. I had two large tempura shrimp with my dinner and lots of tempura vegetables and rice. I enjoyed the dinner but found myself helping Lesley out with her chicken. I do have to say the young lady who helped us was very pleasant and smiled which was nice.  ♦ Mac ♦ 

Mc Donalds: I have to give a thank you for the wonderful ladies and all the employees that work there. I come in just because I am welcomed with a smile and no matter how busy it is I get the same great service. I just wanted to say `thank you' and keep up the great work. ♦ Mac ♦

**Please remember that even though once in a while some of the reviews may not be the greatest; it may be a replacement chef and not the usual one. We have a small town with very skilled chefs but if one gets sick or has a family emergency then we get the next best. So with that being said always give a second chance and ask what happened before you leave. Depending on how the answer is...maybe you won't want to go back & give that second chance. It goes both ways and we don't just pay for food, we pay for being treated as a valued customer. I don't care if it is the best food in town; if I'm not treated right; it will be a long time before I go back.