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Fun things for Kids in Fort Bragg

If you have kids it would be nice to see what you are going to experience before you get there. So what I am now doing is creating a page, with pictures, of fun things that my friends with children have recommended. I have been blessed with nephews and nieces so most of the places I have enjoyed myself. If you have any suggestions I should include please click the Contact Me icon and send me a note.

Edi's Mini Golf Course & Arcade

1211 S Main Street

Fort Bragg, CA 95437

(707) 964-6699

Last year I had my niece and nephew come to visit who were 20 years old. This was the perfect place for us to hang out and race cars, play pool and play some golf. I cannot tell you how many hours I have spent here and 

for just a few rolls of quarters. Below are recent pictures of the inside and how much it has been upgraded. It is completely different and I cant wait for my 8-13 year old nephew & nieces to visit and start a new tradition on the golf course. They also have a room that was being decorated while I was cute! If you want to have a kids party or a family gathering just give them a call.

You can find the Emerald Dolphin Mini Golf (technically) right across the street from McDonalds and Harvest Market. If you pull into the hotel parking lot don't get frustrated, just head a few feet towards the ocean and curl around to the left like your leaving the place and...there it is.

Pizza Factory

Not only is this a great place for pizza but you can have the whole back of the restaurant for your kids to run around and play in the game room. As you can see from the pictures below it has a bunch of games for all level of ages. Have some pizza, wear out the fun here then go and play some golf and master their games.

Skunk Train for a day tour thru the forest! Ride outside or head in and get a bite to eat and a cocktail or soda.

Main Street and Laurel Street right behind the The Depot!

*more pictures coming soon....

Science Quiz!!

for more great quizzes like this go to:

1. The rice dish ‘paella’ comes from what country?

2. Deer meat is known by what name?

3. Are humans omnivore, herbivore or carnivore?

4. What food is used as the base of guacamole?

5. The range of vegetables, fruits, meats, nuts, grains, herbs and spices used in cooking are known as what?

6. True or false? India is the world’s largest producer of bananas.

7. What is the sweet substance made by bees?

8. Lures, reels, rods, hooks, baits and nets are common equipment used in what food gathering method?

9. True or false? McDonald’s has restaurants in over 100 countries around the world.

10. The ‘Pizza Hut’ franchise began in what country?

11. Foods rich in starch such as pasta and bread are often known by what word starting with the letter C?

12. True or false? Trans fats are good for your health.

13. What is another name for maize?

14. Fruit preserves made from citrus fruits, sugar and water are known as what?

15. True or false? ‘Beefsteak’ is a variety of tomato.

16. Dairy products are generally made from what common liquid?

17. Do coconut trees grow better in cold or warm climates?

18. True or false? Cooking food often transforms its chemical make up.

19. What is the popular food used to carve jack-o-lanterns during Halloween?

20. Chiffon, marble and bundt are types of what?

1. Spain

2. Venison

3. Omnivore

4. Avocado

5. Ingredients

6. True

7. Honey

8. Fishing

9. True

10. USA

11. Carbohydrates

12. False

13. Corn

14. Marmalade

15. True

16. Milk

17. Warm

18. True

19. Pumpkins

20. Cake

Capital Cities Quiz

for more great quizzes like this go to:


1. Italy?

2. United States?

3. Greece?

4. France?

5. Egypt?

6. Spain?

7. Japan?

8. England?

9. Thailand?

10. Russia?


11. Sweden?

12. Australia?

13. Wales?

14. Argentina?

15. Iraq?

16. South Korea?

17. Mexico?

18. Ireland?

19. Canada?

20. Brazil?


21. Belgium?

22. Jamaica?

23. Venezuela?

24. Morocco?

25. Bangladesh?

26. Ukraine?

27. Kenya?

28. Portugal?

29. Vietnam?

30. Fiji?


1. Italy? Rome

2. United States? Washington D.C.

3. Greece? Athens

4. France? Paris

5. Egypt? Cairo

6. Spain? Madrid

7. Japan? Tokyo

8. England? London

9. Thailand? Bangkok

10. Russia? Moscow


11. Sweden? Stockholm

12. Australia? Canberra

13. Wales? Cardiff

14. Argentina? Buenos Aires

15. Iraq? Baghdad

16. South Korea? Seoul

17. Mexico? Mexico City

18. Ireland? Dublin

19. Canada? Ottawa

20. Brazil? Brasilia


21. Belgium? Brussels

22. Jamaica? Kingston

23. Venezuela? Caracas

24. Morocco? Rabat

25. Bangladesh? Dhaka

26. Ukraine? Kiev

27. Kenya? Nairobi

28. Portugal? Lisbon

29. Vietnam? Hanoi

30. Fiji? Suva

Ok this is a great but when I tried didn't work. I don't think I spun it long or hard enough.

Made from pizza boxes! Not just for kids. But for a fun night with the pizza box be creative and make it a picture frame. Have the kids draw a picture of that night and then hang it on the wall. Make it a tradition!


All of these great box ideas were gathered from Pinterest:

Computer Animation Fun is great for everyone to ShareTheir Moods thru those cute little animation cartoons you see in emails. Check out this website and see what free fun you can have. You may have to down load the program so if you don't want to do it then just look in Google and find another free site that you don't have to download anything. Enjoy!

Macaroni Dog of the Sea!!!

Pretty cool huh?

Easy Apple Cobbler

18 Oatmeal cookies

Apple pie filling

Large microwave container square or rectangular

Have child crumble 9 cookies in bottom of dish open and pour on can of pie filling spread evenly, crumble up other 9 cookies on top place lid on container and vent place in microwave for 5 minutes on high. Serve


This is a great idea to keep children busy during down times (bus stop, bus duty, bus ride home, etc.).

1. Find a plain, flat spot on the backpack and create a tic-tac-toe board using velcro and any inexpensive plastic toy pieces (or make your own game pieces from craft foam).

2. Draw the tic-tac-toe board on the backpack with a permanent marker. If you don't want to mark the visible outside then draw the board on the inside between arm straps. Draw on a separate cloth and velcro or sew on.

3. Then, attach velcro in each square of the board. Last, attach the other side of velcro to each game piece and put them on the board. Make sure you have five of each game piece.

The game pieces can be nicely stored in one of the outside pockets of the backpack.

Links to Gifts Kids Can Make for Other Kids, Family and Friends:

Secret Hollow Book

Create a secret hollow book. Find a cheap musty old classic at your nearby Goodwill or used bookstore. Glue the pages together, use an X-Acto knife to hollow out the center of the book. Now the recipient can store his treasures!

Memory Drawings

Whether you’re artistic or not give a memory drawing: “Draw a very simple black-and-white picture of a memory that you have of you and the person (e.g. me and my dad playing NES back in the day). This could be a very simple drawing. Frame it and gift. The great thing about this (besides being cheap) is that you can give it multiple times to the same person. They will have a growing collection of ‘memory drawings’ from you.” Beck reports this gift is very well received by family members.

Family Trivia Game

Cobblestone offered a great idea: “For my cash hungry nephews and niece I make sure to do something creative to get the money. This year is going to be a family trivia game with questions that make them talk to other family members. It is much more interesting than a $20 bill.” Of course, it’s also possible to do this without the monetary reward.

Gift of Music - Personalized CD

Leanne has an idea that might be useful for college students looking for gifts on a budget. “I have a friend…who compiles a mixed CD every year and mails them out to all his friends. It serves as a holiday card, gift, and moment of reconnection (we get a sense of how his year has been/things he’s been dealing with or excited about based on the music he chooses) plus we get introduced to new music we might not have picked up ourselves.”

Memory Jar

Knip has a fantastic idea for a grandparent or other older relative: a memory jar. “The most wonderful gift I’ve ever given (it’s still talked about years later) cost me almost nothing. I spent a few months contacting friends and family members and asked them to send me memories and old pictures of my grandfather. Then I wrote one memory (or printed one picture)on each of 365 business card sized pieces of cardstock. I folded each in half and secured it with a bit of tape, then placed them all in a big jar I decorated. Every morning for the next year, my grandfather would take out a paper, open it, and see what other people cherished in him. He loved it.”

Sock Monkeys

This is for all you Sock Monkey Fans!!!


1 pair of men's extra large (size 12-13) socks; preferably Original Rockford red Heel (r) socks.

1 bag of poly-fiberfil stuffing or cotton batting.

1 spool of white thread

red yarn

black embroidery thread

Optional two white buttons for eyes


Sock #1, body and legs:

A. Turn sock inside out and create a center line from the white heel to the top of the sock. Mark a line 3" away from the white heel, across the sock. Mark a notch 1 1/2" away from white heel on the center line. This will form the legs.

B. Beginning at the 3" line, stitch a line 1/4" away from the right side of thecenter line and stop 1/4" away from the top edge of sock. Pivot and sew a line across the top of the sock to the outside edge. Repeat on left side. Cut sock open on the center line down to the 1 1/2" notch.

C. Turn sock right-sie out and stuff using opening between legs. When body and legs are completely stuffed, overcast the opening to close hole.

D. Sock #2, mouth, arms, tail, ears, and hat:

1. Hat:

Cut off the white toe of sock making sure to leave 1/2" brown seam allowance to create roll. *DO NOT cut on fold, sock may not be symmetrical.

2. Mouth:

Cut off white and red heel, leaving 1/2" seam allowance to turn under when sewing. * Again, DO NOT cut on the fold.

3. Tail and Arms:

Divide upper section of the sock into three equal sections. To form tail draw a line from the top to the toe on the inside (long side) of the sock. Draw a line across the bottom of the remaining two sections (just above the heel) to form base of arms. Round off top of arms on white part of sock. Cut out each section. Sew each piece using 1/4" seam allowance, turn and stuff.

4. Ears:

Using remaining sock, mark two half circles for ears and cut out. Sew using 1/4" seam allowance, turn and lightly stuff.

E. Attaching Sections:

5. Mouth:

Place on front of monkey's face about 1" below white edge. Whip stitch top edge of mouth section first to secure, and stuff. Sew around bottom of the mouth to close.

6. Ears:

Place on sides of monkey's head and whip stitch in place. May choose to do a small running stitch 1/8" in from edge of ear to create rim.

7. Tail and Arms:

Attach tail at the seat of the monkey center in red of heel. Whipstitch closed. Secure arms on either side of monkey's body with whipstitch.

8. Tack hat to top of head.


* All finishing techniques are entirely up to the creator. There is no right or wrong. The following suggestions are based on a typical sock monkey style:

F.Sew button eyes on face of monkey, or embroider eyes. May choose to embroider eyelashes.

G. Embroider line across center of red mouth, and embroider nostrils.

H. Add red yarn pom-poms to hands, feet, around neck and on top of hat.

Art Magnets

These funky art magnets put the "fun" in functional! Package them sweetly in a neat jewel case, then present them to a loved one you're just plain stuck on.


  • 10-mm jewel case

  • Decorative paper

  • Adhesive magnetic sheet

  • Small drawings

  • Double-sided tape


  • Remove the plastic CD holder and paper insert from the jewel case. To line the case, trace the insert on decorative paper and cut out that shape. Tape the lining inside the case.

  • To make the magnets, adhere your child's drawings to a magnetic sheet and cut them out.

  • Arrange the magnets on the decorative lining and secure each with a small piece of tape.

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