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Quotes Our takeout order consisted of: 2 "The Q" Sandwiches with sides of beans, a "Grilled Portobello Mushroom" Sandwich, and an order of french fries. According to the menu for "The Q", it is *Texas Toast piled with BBQ beef, cheddar and slaw with choice of side". The "Texas Toast" is not the Texas Toast I grew up on in Texas, it's more like a ciabatta roll. On my sandwich, there were 4 very slim slices of rubbery brisket on top that had no smokey flavor at all. Very little BBQ sauce on it. And no extra BBQ sauce came with the order, I guess you have to ask. The "Sweet Baked Beans" were Great Northern beans in a lot of sauce. They had a weird texture and were just OK. The "Grilled Portobello Sandwich" had two small mushrooms. One was totally black and inedible. The other was overdone and not eaten either. The french fries were very greasy and soggy. I put ours in the oven for a few minutes to try and crisp them up a bit. Overall, a very disappointing meal. We will not be back. Quotes
Dallas Alice on The Q

Quotes This is the perfect way to break down this ifnormtaoin. Quotes

Quotes I like the Philly Cheese at The Depot Quotes

Quotes I always go to the Living Light Cafe in the morning and get the Green Drink. Its a blend of kale and veggies which gives me the boost I need in the morning. Thank you Living Light! Quotes

Quotes I just ate the best pizza at the Fort Bragg Bakery, you can smell it from the kitchen and see it coming out of the oven. Quotes

Quotes I highly recommend `The Restaurant' on Main St for the best clam chowder in town. Quotes